1 thought on “Japan Financial System Beginning To Spin Wildly Out Of Control”

  1. It is remarkable how closely the Japanese economy mirrors the US. We are also deeply reliant on low interest rates that are going to have to go up soon.
    What I find remarkable is the fact none of the financial articles on Japan’s turmoil, no reference is made to Fukushima, and the ongoing disaster there. Even though their exports are often returned due to radioactive content, the financials pretend it isn’t a problem. It has been a problem with auto parts, rice, tea and other Japanese standard exports.
    Now, they are copying the FED by printing money nonstop, and their economy has been sinking since the 1980s. Our economy started sinking in 2001, we have used bubbles to keep it going, but we are running out of soap or air…..not sure which.
    Japan is dying, and nobody seems to realize it but some of the people who live there. A year ago (more or less), American financiers defaulted on some big Tokyo properties, figuring it was not going to be the center of the Eastern economy any longer. It was the biggest default by major banks in history.
    Very sad. What is the most tragic is the fact nobody will tell the truth.


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