2 thoughts on “New Boston Bombing Suspect … Is This Woman”

  1. You stupid asshole. That is my sister. And that was I fact their lunch trash. As we all now know, the bomb went off behind the gate, not I front of it. And thank for my parents do throw their trash away, because the only reason they missed the first bomb was to go down an alley to throw those Uno boxes away. When you find a spot to watch your family member pass by, you don’t give it up to throw trash away. You wait, cheer for them as the pass, and then throw shit away when you are making your way to the finish line to find your family member. Fuck you for making assumptions.

  2. Who the fuck puts LOL on a picture of a bombing? Don’t you care about the shit that happened that day? Who makes fun of pictures before and after a bombing! God Damn


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