Bitcoin Hits New Record High, Crosses $250!

Bitcoin Hits New Record, Crosses $250 (ZeroHedge, April 10, 2013):

It seem like it was only yesterday that Bitcoin crossed $200 for the first time. Oh wait, it was.  It is now 24 hours later, and as parabolic rises imply, it is only “fair” that the price of the electronic currency (expressed in the same currency that incidentally can be created out of thin air and is used to transact for BTC) is some 25% higher, or well over $250…. In one day.

As before we will merely continue to watch in quiet amazement as the parabolic chart gets parabolic-er, but we will suggest this: those who absolutely must chase this runaway chart should not “invest” one penny more than they are comfortable losing, and as we said before, “This leaves us with the question, which line item on the Fed’s Balance Sheet is ‘Virtual Currency Transactions’… what better way to destroy an up and coming currency competitor than to blow a bubble in it and explode it?” Because the fervor for BTC now will only turn to all out loathing and disgust if and when one of the major buyers in the illiquid market decided to take out all stops to the downside (if only Mt Gox had stops that is) and send the price of BTC, expressed in paper money and thus analyzed not as a currency but as an asset, plunging.

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