Obama’s ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Bill Hands The Biotech Industry The Power To Nullify The Decisions Of Federal Courts

“Yes, President Obama really did sign the “Monsanto Protection Act” into law earlier this week. It grants Monsanto and the entire biotech industry the power to nullify federal courts, even when those courts determine that particular GMO crops may be dangerous to human health or the environment.
The signing of this bill by Obama is widely seen as the “ultimate betrayal” by progressives and those on the political left. If Obama won’t take a stand against Monsanto, what does he stand for at all?”

– Mike Adams (Natural News)

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Outrageous Betrayal Of All Americans: President Obama Signs ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Into Law

Obama’s signing of Monsanto Protection Act proves he will betray progressives, too (Natural News, March 29, 2013):

The internet has erupted into a fury over Obama’s signing of the so-called “Monsanto Protection Act,” a rider to a federal appropriations bill that hands Monsanto the power to nullify the decisions of federal courts. If the courts decide that a genetically engineered crop is dangerous to the public or the environment, it can no longer order Monsanto (or any other company) to stop planting the crops. Instead, the law mandates the Secretary of Agriculture to issue permits and deregulation orders that allow the “continued cultivation, commercialization and other specifically enumerated activities” even if a crop is deemed to be causing a plague or unleashing dangerous genetic pollution.

The actual language of the bill is barely-recognizable lawyerspeak, of course, but it’s not difficult to see how it will be interpreted by a federal government which routinely conspires with Monsanto and the biotech industry to sneak GMOs into the food supply. To read the bill language yourself, visit:
… and search for “735.” (Thanks to Anthony Gucciardi for finding this link.)

Activism holds politicians accountable

The backlash against the rider melded the efforts of numerous activist organizations, including Food Democracy Now, the Center for Food Safety, the Institute for Responsible Technology, the Organic Consumers Association and many more. It resulted in hundreds of thousands of petition signatures, protests outside the White House, and tens of millions of people learning the truth about how Obama has betrayed his own support base yet again.

That’s the real political impact of this: Obama’s own actions now prove he will betray progressives and democrats on the issues that matter to them, too. The GMO issue is a super-hot topic on the political left. Anyone who conspires with Monsanto is instantly — and justifiably — branded a “sellout” and a traitor to the People. This is why companies like Kashi, a cereal manufacturer that uses GMOs but doesn’t label its products as containing GMO, is feeling tremendous heat from the GMO labeling boycott efforts. Informed consumers are outright punishing any company, politician or media organization that allies itself with the interests of Monsanto.

That list now clearly includes Obama himself. By signing this into law, he betrayed America and granted Monsanto and the biotech industry unprecedented power over federal courts. He essentially took away the power of the government to halt the continued growing and commercialization of dangerous genetically engineered crops. And he got caught doing so.

There is no excuse for signing the Monsanto Protection Act into law

In the eyes of the foodies, the raw vegans, the organic consumers and even all the hippies, Obama just committed political suicide. The trust he once held with millions of people was destroyed at the stroke of a pen. Trust is difficult to earn and even harder to keep. It can be lost in an instant by willfully betraying the People.

As an instant example of that, imagine what would happen if Natural News announced support for Monsanto and the biotech industry. All the credibility we’ve built up over the last ten years would vanish overnight. We’d be the laughing stock of the internet and would lose all the trust and goodwill we’ve been blessed with over the years. Obama just did essentially that for his own presidency. His own signature testifies to his real loyalties to the biotech industry and GMOs.

He didn’t know what he was signing? Really?

Apologists, of course, say “Obama didn’t know what he was signing.” If so, that’s even worse than consciously signing the Monsanto Protection Act. To sign something into law you haven’t even read is the worst kind of violation of presidential power. It is a clear dereliction of duty and arguably grounds for impeachment. If our nation is going to be bound by laws that presidents ACCIDENTALLY sign, then what kind of nation are we, anyway?

Another excuse, correctly pointed out by Jon Rappoport at Infowars.com, is that Obama signed the law but doesn’t intend to invoke it. This is along the same lines as Obama promising he “doesn’t intend” to murder any Americans using military drones on U.S. soil, although he reserves the right to do so. He also “doesn’t intend” for Obamacare health insurance rates to skyrocket, but they did. What people “intend” versus what really happens are very often not the same.

This excuse that Obama “doesn’t intend” to use the law flies in the face of the inconvenient fact that Sen. Roy Blunt actually conspired with Monsanto to write the language of the rider! This bill, in effect, was “linguistically engineered” in the same way that corn crops are genetically engineered. In both cases, there’s a hidden poison waiting inside… coupled with no labeling to disclose the truth to anyone.

Judge Obama on his actions, not his speeches

That brings me back to the success of internet activism in exposing this rider. I’m not sure who deserves the credit for finding this first, but the story spread like wildfire and is still raging through the minds of American voters who are steaming mad about being deceived by Obama over the issue of GMOs.

But what did they expect? Has Obama ever done anything substantial to counteract the rise of corporate power and the erosion of individual liberties in America? At every turn, this is the president who seizes executive power, eviscerates individual liberties, assaults the Bill of Rights, tramples on Congress, expands illegal secret prisons and openly admits to creating “kill lists” naming Americans who should be assassinated each week. Due process is no longer even part of the equation because the Obama administration says, “We’re the good guys.” Trust us to kill who we want without presenting any evidence whatsoever, nor even charging the targeted people with crimes. Can you imagine the outcry from the left if Bush had attempted the exact same thing?

Somehow, Obama has gotten away with all this because he’s a convincing speaker. He’s hypnotic, handsome and sounds believable. He gets people emotionally riled up, and no matter how bad things look in the real world, there’s nothing that another emotion-saturated speech won’t solve, Obama thinks.

But speaking and doing are two different things. Obama is great at the “speaking” part, but he’s a fascist corporatist dictator on the “doing” part. He talks a good game on freedom and abundance but delivers enslavement and poverty. What he says and what he does are polar opposites, making Obama our first official “bipolar President.”

…or perhaps more accurately, our first President suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder where each body part functions as if it were a different person. Obama’s mouth and vocal chords belong to the People, but his legislative signing hand belongs to Monsanto. His ears belong solely to deep-pocketed donors, and his heart belongs to Satan. Obama is a President who personifies contradiction, hypocrisy and betrayal, and for a great many voters, his signing of the Monsanto Protection Act was one signature too far.

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