Approaching The Existential Cliff: 17 Denial Statements Made By The Sleeping Masses

Approaching the existential cliff: 17 denial statements made by the sleeping masses (Natural News, Feb 8, 2013):

People who are awake these days have reason to be gravely concerned. Although there may still hope to be had, there are sobering signs of a looming “existential cliff.” The existential cliff is the point at which the human race cannot recover from damage done by the human race – or its elitist power structure.

Patch Adams, MD, once told me that the existential cliff is around 2025. I don’t know where he got his info, but he claimed he’d read 1500 books along the way to that conclusion (I hope my memory serves me correctly here.)

Let’s get the lay of the land:

The food supply: largely poisoned

The water supply: largely poisoned

The oceans: poisoned

Modern medicine: more poison

Modern mental health: see modern medicine

Psychiatry: brain fryers

Government: the entity promoting the poison

The environment: poisoned

Modern money: deflated

Modern education: turns out sheeple

Modern corporations: prey upon sheeple

Modern news: hypnotizes the sheeple

Human intelligence: This is where it gets interesting. It seems that in spite of being highly intelligent beings (compared to the animal kingdom) capable of analyzing and solving complex problems, we have not evolved (or are not blessed) enough to see the simple truth, even when it coldly slaps us in the face, repeatedly!

In other words, we are busy solving problems that have little to do with our real problems!

The mechanism that keeps us from recognizing the cold slap is denial. When you point out the truth to a sleepy one, you often get this kind of response:

1. I am sure “they” know what they are doing.

2. It’s out of my control. All I can do is live my life.

3. We’re all screwed anyway, so let’s have a beer.

4. I have problems of my own to worry about.

5. It wouldn’t be possible to fool everyone.

6. People who believe in conspiracies are kooks.

7. It’s the news! People don’t make up news.

8. Doctors go to medical school, so they know more about health than I do.

9. Alternative medicine? My doctor said to avoid that.

10. Our society is too advanced to collapse.

11. The people in charge will always find a way to avoid a real catastrophe.

12. Who has time to worry about what’s going on in the world?

13. Things always work out for the best.

14. Who am I to do anything?

15. I’m too busy.

16. Oh, yeah, we’ve got some real problems, don’t we? (Then turn back to the episode of “reality TV.”)

17. This is what God intended (Did God also intend you to sit back and watch it while doing nothing?)

(18. Add one you’ve heard in the comments).

Getting past the oh-so-frustrating (to the awake one) denial requires more than intellectual awareness. It also requires emotional strength and this is where most people fall down.

Acknowledging the truth about the existential cliff means considering the stark reality that we are going to die. You, your children and loved ones, your friends and family – everyone – will lose their very lives.

To add unimaginable insult to injury, this is all happening because of the people who are supposed to be leading us toward peace and prosperity (government and business leaders).

A gut-level understanding of this is very, very painful. So, most people stick with beer and pizza to bloat the pain away.

Regardless, the gig seems to be up. The existential cliff is happening in a time when there are no new lands to conquer, no new civilizations to exploit, no new people to enslave, with the Earth itself hanging in the balance.

What can you do?

1. Stop the denial. Stop making excuses for people who are comprising your life and the life of your children.

2. Build emotional strength. Learn to stand on your own if need be. In other words, work toward NOT needing the approval of other people (especially the sleeping ones. Seriously. Think about it!)

3. Share the truth. That’s it! One of the best places to do that is the Internet. Share articles from Natural News and other great, truthful sites. Build your own site. Tell the truth and promote it online as best you can.

I weep for our ignorant passivity.
Patch Adams, MD

1 thought on “Approaching The Existential Cliff: 17 Denial Statements Made By The Sleeping Masses”

  1. I agree completely. I often read posts by folks online, and they talk about real life problems as if life were a movie, and their role is to passively watch. I have called a few of them on it, they reply with comments such as “whatever” or “lighten up.” We live in a nation of children, and we have self-serving fools running our nation over the cliff.

    I had an insight a few years ago which I will share with you. For the first time in known history (much of our history was lost) a person can be born, live and die watching without doing anything. The TV/Internet virtual reality has made that possible. I don’t think that has ever happened before. Three corporations now control the majority of news outlets, and if you can stand looking at the pap that passes as news, you will see all channels and sites covering the same narrow stories at the same time on all channels. This isn’t news, it is obfuscation to cover up the truth. I find it too insulting to my intelligence to watch.

    As one who worked in technology for years, and thought it so wonderful, I am appalled at how it’s power has been twisted to control the masses. I was able to work on some cool projects, like the Hubble, Space Shuttle, and some other equally interesting programs……I didn’t think the technology would be used to create satalites to spy on everyone.
    They even have TV channels for babies now. If one turns on TV news, or goes to mainstream media online, they define the “debate” and the news regardless it has little to do with reality. It is a virtual reality, and as long as they can keep people hooked on their computers, smart phones and TVs, they can control the minds of the people.

    “The US economy is recovering” is one of the biggest lies they promote daily. Just pay for food, medical care and gasoline, and see the condition of your bank account at the end of the month. We have 313 million people in this country, and over 100 million are without jobs. Less than 60% of those of working age and abilities are employed. Real unemployment averages between 22% – 30%, not 7.9% as MSM claims.

    There was one man on cable TV who addressed this issue honestly, but he disappeared. His name was Dylan Ratigan. He posed too much danger to them with the truth, I guess.

    96.5% of all new jobs created are part-time so the employers don’t have to pay benefits or retirement. All the good jobs have gone offshore thanks to corrupt trade agreements.

    2013 is the year it will all collapse according to a mathematics professor using calculus, and I think he was right. We are quickly losing our status as the world reserve currency, we have fools in power who don’t care what their actions do to our economy or future, and a nation of sheep who are too busy watching virtual life to care.

    Add in Fukushima’s poisoning of our air, water, crops and soil. Then, they take the waste, and burn it in order to send the poison into the air again while media and other governments stay silent. I call it genocide.

    Thanks for a great article, I see the same problems.


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