‘One More Earthquake Japan Will Cease To Exist’, ‘Resulting Destruction Will Take Half The Planet Along With It’ (Guardian Video)

The Guardian does not allow to embed this video anymore.

Watch it HERE.

The Guardian posts Fukushima film: Reactors not repaired at all — With one more quake Japan will cease to exist; Resulting destruction will take half of planet along with it (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 16, 2012):

Title: CPM-703: After Fukushima
Source: The Guardian
Author: Jake Price
Date: 16 November 2012

An in-depth portrait into the lives of a population living under the constant threat of radiation in Fukushima, Japan. The film, a work in progress directed by Jake Price, focuses on Fukushima born Shimpei Takeda who was living in New York and working as a visual artist when the Fukushima Daiichi Power Plant began to meltdown.


  • Being born in Fukushima Prefecture I took on a mission to create a physical record of the worst man made nuclear accident in history… Using a cameraless process, I want to capture the current state of Japan directly, by exposing photo-sensitive material to traces of radiation emitted from contaminated particles.
  • I’m afraid Japan will follow in the footsteps of ancient civilizations that vanished like the Egyptians, Mayans and Mesopotamians that came before us.
  • The tsunami and earthquake well they’re just the earth shivering. The problem is the disaster that man has made.
  • There are so many possibilities of a tsunami and earthquake happening again. The damaged reactors haven’t been repaired yet… they haven’t been repaired at all.
  • The resulting destruction will take half the planet along with it. …With one more earthquake or tsunami Japan will cease to exist.

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