Black Man Blasts ‘Ignorant Blacks Who Still Support Obama’ (Video)


Obama’s policies absolutely destroy(ed) the middle class & the poor and benefit the elitists. That is a fact!

“When a country embarks on deficit financing (Obamanomics) and inflationism (QE by the Fed) you wipe out the middle class and wealth is transferred from the middle class and the poor to the rich.”
– Ron Paul

Bush was absolutely horrible in everything he did and Obama is even (much) worse.


Americans have NO choice:

Both candidates are elite puppets.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Election Of The Next Puppet President: High Stake Outcomes Based On Non-issues:

“The selection of the next president of the US will depend on one thing alone–which of the two candidates financed by the ruling private oligarchy has the most effective propaganda.”

“Whether you vote Republican or Democrat, the oligarchs will win.”

Elite puppets Obama & Romney 2012!


Both will start WW III if they are told to press the button by their elite masters.

The simpliest way to stop both of them right now would be to stay home and not vote for the lesser of two EVILS:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Dispossessed Majority – ‘The US Is Ruled By A Private Oligarchy. The Government Is Merely Their Front.’

“If americans had any sense, they would stay home and not vote.”

No.1 Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente:

“What self-respecting person would cast a vote for a lesser of two evils?” asks Celente. “Not only is it immoral and undignified, it’s destructive. Lesser or greater, evil is evil. By supporting one evil or the other, the voter becomes an accessory to the crime. Only a true intellectual revolution can restore dignity, trust, morality, decency and compassion.”

“Anything else is just more of the same. Stay Home, Don’t Vote!”



Black Panther Veteran Warns Of A Trojan Horse Named Obama (Video)


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