Former CIA Operative Chip Tatum’s Wife Nancy Interviewed By Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson (Video)



In this outstanding video, Ted Gunderson interviews Nancy Tatum, the wife of black ops-operative Chip Tatum. In this film you’ll learn from Nancy how her and Chip were stalked, harassed, intimidated and eventually railroaded into federal prison for Chip’s refusal to turn over secret documents to U.S. intelligence agencies because he knew that they “knew” he had first-hand knowledge of shadow government narco-trafficking into the United States by powerful, high profile officials. Chip knew that he would be murdered if he gave up his “evidence” to Oliver North at the behest of his handler, George H.W. Bush. This video exposes how absolutely corrupt the federal so-called “justice” department and courts have become-to the point of aiding and abetting in the conspiracy and cover-up of U.S. government “spook” agency participation in narcotics trafficking into the U.S. She warns how anyone and everyone can be destroyed by the corrupt justice system.

free download of ‘The Tatum Chronicles:’

free download of Tatum’s C.I.P.A. Briefing:

free download of the book Chip authored called ‘Nixon’s Darkest Secret:’

free download of Nexus magazine interview of Tatum:—Interview-of-Chip-Tatum

free download of the article ‘FEMA-The Dark Underbelly’:—-The-Dark-Underbelly

Free downloads (mp3) of radio interviews with Chip Tatum:

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