Gavin Allwright Talks About Fukushima: The Children Are Radioactive – People Are Living In Denial – Receiving Hate Mail For Leaving – Reactor 4 SFP Situation!!!


More on reactor 4 SFP here:

Worldwide Extinction Level Event In The Making: Ground Under Fukushima Unit 4 Is Sinking, Structure On Verge Of Complete Collapse

YouTube Added: Oct 16, 2012

Man from Fukushima Chokes Up: The children are radioactive — People that stayed are in denial — We received hate mail for leaving (VIDEO) (ENENews, Oct 16, 2012):

[…] House 10 km from Iitate-mura […] 16 times the background radiation, so according to the Japanese government that’s safe […]

We received hate mail for leaving […]

I went back to try and help with the reconstruction.

Unfortunately, now I should probably paint myself yellow. I have a heavy dose of radioactive contamination myself.

I will be radioactive at least for the next 150 years. My children won’t be.

Unfortunately we can’t say that about [long pause], we can’t say that about my daughter’s and my son’s fellow students in their school.

We get letters quite regularly from them saying, “When are you coming back, it’s safe.”

Their parents are in denial. Who wouldn’t be? To live every day breathing that poison you’d have to be in denial. And my friends are, my family is over there.

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