Pro-Syria, Pro-Assad, Anti-US Protests In Turkey! (Video) – Thousands Protest For Peace After Turkey Declares War On Syria

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Pro Syrien, Pro Assad Demonstrationen in der Türkei! Die Syrien Lüge (2012)
Pentagon’s Stabschef in der Türkei, Botschaft vor Demonstranten abgesperrt 17.September 2012…

5,000 Turkish Chant: “No to War” in a Pro-Assad demonstration on 4th Oktober 2012…

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Some of the German subtitles translated into English:

“Syria, the Turkish youth is with you.”

“The US is a murder … leave the middle east America.”

“Syria is a brother – America is a traitor.”

“The Turkish nation is not a dog of the US.”

“We are the sons of a nation that has fought for its freedom.”

“We have fought for our independence, so when the imperialists attack Syria we will not be afraid to stand with our Syrian brothers.”

“Hold on Syria. The Turkish youth is with you.”

“This war will not be like the wars the ones the US has fought before. Iran, Lebanon, Hezbollah, Russia, China and the Turkish people will be taking part.”

“Down with American imperialism.”

“Slave of the USA – Recep Tayyip Erdogan.”

Thousands protest in Turkey over Syria mandate (Telegraph, Oct 4, 2012):

Protesters take to the streets in Ankara and Istanbul after Turkey’s parliament approved military operations against targets in Syria following the deaths of five Turkish citizens from Syrian shelling.

Around 5,000 people took to the streets of Istanbul on Thursday evening in an anti-war protest which turned into a demonstration against Turkey’s ruling AK Party. Protesters chanted slogans against the war as they carried anti-government banners.

“We are going through an ugly provocation of war. The Turkish and Syrian people are not enemies, but the ruling AK Party government is trying to drag our country into a war with Syria in compliance with US interests,” said protester Nevzat Evrim Onal.

The Turkish slogan “savasa hayir” (“no to war”) was the top trending item on Turkey’s Twitter on Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, in Ankara, what started as a peaceful demonstration soon turned violent as protesters clashed with police after they tried to block them from moving around the city.

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