Radioactive Cesium Now Detected In Baby Food Made In Tokyo And Aichi

Cesium from baby food made in Tokyo and Aichi (Fukushima Diary, Sep 3, 2012):

Radiation is starting to be measured from baby food. We are having less and less to feed our babies.

According to the radiation measurement of Yokohama city government, cesium 134/137 are measured from baby food.

The producers are in Tokyo and Aichi. Aichi is the central Japan, 446km from Fukushima plant.

Sample 1

Purchasing date : 8/13/2012

Location : Aichi

Cs-134 : 1.59 Bq/Kg

Cs-137 : 1.83 Bq/Kg

Total : 3.4 Bq/Kg

Sample 2

Purchasing date : 8/27/2012

Location : Tokyo

Cs-134 : ND Bq/Kg

Cs-137 : 1.42 Bq/Kg

Total : 1.4 Bq/Kg


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