Radioactive Japan: Major Supermarket Chain Sells Contaminated Food Up To 50 Bq/Kg

Major supermarket chain Aeon sells contaminated food up to 50 Bq/Kg (Fukushima Diary, Aug 26, 2012):

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to eat safe food in Japan.

A major Japanese supermarket chain, “Aeon,” has stopped selling radiation-free food.

On 11/8/2011, Aeon announced that they had set their own safety limit for food at 50Bq/kg. [Link]

The Japanese government’s safety limit is set at 100 Bq/kg, so Aeon’s safety limit is supposed to be doubly safe; however, it’s still not 0 Bq/kg.

Aeon published the results of radiation testing, but the testing was only done on a few samples.

Aeon is currently building their backup headquarters in Aichi, central Japan. (cf. Largest supermarket chain and Imperial family move their back up in western Japan)

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