Radioactive Japan: Minamisoma Is 122 Times More Contaminated Than Mandatory Evacuation Zone In Belarus

Minamisoma is 122 times more contaminated than mandatory evacuation zone in Belarus (Fukushima Diary, May 9, 2012):

Mr. Oyama, a Minamisoma city councilor measured cesium 134 / 137 of the soil of Minamisoma city.


The analysis was done by a laboratory of Minamisoma local government.


The result is like this graph below.


The most left “bar” is the doubled limit of mandatory evacuation zone in Belarus. (2*1,480,000Bq/m2). It was needed for the 2 reasons.

一番左の”棒”は、ベラルーシの移住義務ゾーンの基準(148万Bq/m2)を2倍にしたものです。 この理由は以下の2点です。

1. Otherwise it is too small to recognize on this graph.


2. Because the limit of 1,480,000Bq/m2 is only cesium137. By doubling the figure, it gets close to the total of cesium 137 and 134.



On 4/16/2012, Japanese government lifted hazard area of this zone.




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