Obama 2012! – Mitt Romney 2012!

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America: A Government Totally Out Of Control (Video)

Americans never had a choice:

George Carlin: The American Dream (Video)

George Carlin: The Illusion Of Freedom – ‘This Country Finshed!’

US Presidents get selected, not elected.

Barack Obama flashback (hilarious!):

President Obama Doesn’t Know His Own Birth Date! (Video)

Manchurian Candidate: Elite Puppet Mind-Control ‘Presidential Model’ Barack Obama (Videos):

Obama signs the wrong year in the guestbook at Westminster Abbey (and before that he had to ask for the date).

In another video Obama claims that he has visited 57 states.

The constitution was written ’20 centuries’ ago.

And … Obama: ‘Countries like Europe’ ???

Mitt Romney:

Mitt Romney IS Goldman Sachs!

Mitt Romney Top Contributors Same As Obama’s = More The Same = The End Of America

The Romney Con (Video)

The Mutt Romney Blues (Video)

NOT Mitt Romney (Video)

Ron Paul:

New Ron Paul Ad DESTROYS Traitors Barack Obama And Mitt Romney (Video)

Freedom Watch With Judge Andrew Napolitano: We The People vs. Mitt Romney – Ron Paul 2012!

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  1. Yes, the process is far bigger than the puppets. Our leaders continue to swing right regardless of the wishes and needs of this nation’s growth and people.
    The combination of business and government is complete…..facism.
    The entire election is the election that isn’t. It is a total charade. Our voices have been silenced forever with Citizens United, NDAA and HR347.


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