Fukushima: Member Of Minamisōma City Council: ‘The Wind Of One Thousand Bq’ – ‘All Black Dust Has Been Also Blown Away And Gone’ (Video)

YouTube Added: 21.04.2012


Land dust is blown in the downtown and residential area from the radiation-contaminated farm land with the level of several thousands of becquerel per square meter.

All black dust has been also blown away and gone.

Protection against internal exposure is a must but the administration will never take action!

Source: The wind of one thousand Bq (Oyama Koichi’s blog, April 21, 2012):

This is English-translated version of Oyama Koichi’s blog, who is a member of the city council of Minamisōma city in Fukushima.

Minamisōma has been suffering from disastrous damage caused by the Tōhoku earthquake on March 11, 2011.

Moreover, the city is only about 25 kilometers north of Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant, the site of the nuclear accident that followed the earthquake and tsunami. Much of the city lies within the mandated evacuation zone near the plant, and thus most of the residents were
forced to leave.

But Mr. Oyama still stays in the city and keeps on reporting what’s happening there and what he suspects the authorities try to hide.

We hope this blog will let you know what he would like to tell us, literally putting his life on the line.

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