Armed Citizens Defend Themselves: 2nd Amendment TV (Videos)

Armed Citizens (2nd Amendment TV):


84-year old Woman Shoots at Intruder (2:12)

Ailing Elderly Man Shoots Robber (2:13)

Ambushed Florida Father (2:15)

Another 911 Caller Shoots & Kills Intruder (2:18)

Armed 11 year old girl defends her home (2:01)

Armed Barista Pulls Gun, Turns Tables On Robber (1:50)

Armed California woman kills intruder (2:11)

Armed Citizen Shoots Menacing Cougar (1:25)

Armed Customer Shoots Knife-Wielding Man (1:16)

Armed robber shot dead by liquor store owner (3:07)

Boy Uses Dad’s AR-15 to Shoot Invader (1:39)

Burglar Messes with Wrong Dude (3:02)

Chris Tucker’s brother shoots home invader (2:49)

Crime down since overturning of city gun bans (2:14)

Definition of the Second Amendment (0:46)

Detriot: Justifiable homicides up 79% in 2011 (8:01)

Disabled Florida Man Shoots Attacker (3:34)

Does Gun Control Lead to Genocide? (3:46)

Florida Man Shoots Home Invader (1:56)

Gas Station Clerk Fires Gun at Robbers (2:29)

Good Samaritan Stops Bank Robber (1:33)

H.R. 822 (4:32)

Indiana Diner Owner Shoots Burglar (1:23)

Jewelry Vendor Shoots Robbers (2:39)

Keeping the 2nd Amendment Alive (5:03)

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman – Guns save lives (5:53)

Man fires gun at robbers at ATM (1:38)

Massad Ayoob on the International Defensive Pistol Association (3:36)

No Guns For Jews 1/3 (15:01)

No Guns For Jews 2/3 (15:02)

No Guns For Jews 3/3 (10:53)

Ohio Moves to Allow Guns in Resaurants (3:03)

One old man with a pistol bests three teenage robbers (2:16)

Open carry rights displayed at picnic (2:24)

Piers Morgan gets schooled on the Second Amendment (3:03)

Pizza delivery man fights back after being ambushed, kills robber (1:02)

Pizza Guy Pulls Gun on Robber (1:55)

Pregnant Mom Holds Burglar at Gunpoint (3:18)

School Counselor Kills Home Intruder (1:58)

Security Video of Woman Shooting Robber (2:21)

Self defense, the 2nd Amendment, and personal liberty (17:27)

Shooting Spree Thwarted by Armed Citizen (1:39)

Store Clerk Shoots Robber (2:04)

Ten Arizona sheriffs call for Holder to step down over “Fast and Furious” (1:55)

Texas teen shoots and kills burglar (1:51)

The Battle of Athens, Tennessee 1946 (10:01)

The danger of untrained people with guns (8:33)


The truth about the right to carry (10:12)

Utah homeowner kills nighttime intruder (3:08)

Veteran Living in Anti-Gun Chicago Kills Intruder (2:46)

Veteran Pulls Gun on Attacker (2:24)

Victim Shoots Robbery Suspect (0:32)

Woman Shoots Would-Be Rapist (2:49)

Women and Guns: Refusing to be a victim (3:47)

Wounded 11 yr. old boy shoots back (1:21)

Young mother defends herself and baby (2:12)

Your CCW Permit is NOT a Badge…. (3:55)

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