RECOVERY!!!: Japanese Ambassador To Italy To Italians: ‘Japan Has Recovered!’


Worldwide: Recovery is … the Greatest Depression (& War is peace).

In Japan: Recovery is … being sacrificed to the God of nuclear power. (Japan is finished.)

Prof. Dr. Busby:

“Well there seems to be a kind of plate glass barrier between the people and governments now, all over the world. The governments do one thing, and the people are kept in the dark. And nowhere is this more obvious than in Japan where people are now being sacrificed to the “god of nuclear power.” There is no other way of putting it, really.”

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Japanese Ambassador to Italy to Italians: “Japan Has Recovered!” (EX-SKF, Feb. 29, 2012):

I have no information as to how the word “recovery” is defined in the post-“cold shutdown state” declaration Japan.

From Jiji Tsushin (3/1/2012):

東 日本大震災から1年がたつのを前に、ローマ市内で29日、被災地の復興状況や日本とイタリアが直面する課題などを専門家が討論するシンポジウムが開かれ た。河野雅治駐イタリア大使はあいさつで、イタリアなど「(各国の支援という)絆に圧倒された」と謝意を表明。「日本は復活した」と述べ、日本への観光や 投資復活を呼び掛けた。

As one year anniversary of the March 11, 2011 disaster approaches, a symposium was held in Rome on February 29 where experts held discussions on the recovery of Japan’s disaster affected areas and on the issues that Japan and Italy face. In his speech, Ambassador Masaharu Kono thanked Italy by saying “We were overwhelmed by the “kizuna” [tie that binds; it originally meant “a leash to tie down or restrain animals”] (in the form of support from various countries)”. He declared “Japan has recovered”, urging for the resumption of the tourism to Japan and investment in Japan

Many Japanese nauseate when they hear the word “kizuna”.

Meanwhile, the EU’s ban on Japanese food import remains, at least until October. Some recovery.

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