Snow Depth Reach 6 METERS In Eastern Turkey

Snow depth reach 6 meters in eastern Turkey / PHOTO (

Snow depth reach 6 meters in eastern Turkey (Arabs Today, Feb. 12 2012):

As many parts of Turkey hit by cold weather and snowfall, snow depth reached 6 meters in eastern Turkish city of Bitlis.
Bitlis where have been taking non- stop snowfall since one week, layer of snow reached tremendous dimensions.
According to Turkish meteorological authorities snow drift reached 640 cm across the Bitlis. Daily life nearly stops in beautiful eastern Turkish city. City also get most snowfall among Turkey’s other cities.
Meanwhile, hundreds of village’s road totally closed of excessive snowfall which put many people in hard condition. Bitlis municipality took extra measure to struggle incredibly high snow drift.
Snow paralyzed life in many provinces across Turkey and led to the closure of many schools and roads last week.

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