AND NOW … LAPD: ‘If You Notice A HEAVY MILITARY Presence Around Downtown Los Angeles This Week, Don’t Be Alarmed — It’s Only A Drill’

LAPD: Joint Military Drills In Downtown LA Won’t Disrupt Public’s ‘Daily Routines’ (CBS News, Los Angeles, Jan. 24, 2012):

If you notice a heavy military presence around downtown Los Angeles this week, don’t be alarmed — it’s only a drill.

Joint military training exercises will be held evenings through Thursday, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The LAPD will be providing support for the exercises, which will also be held in other portions of the greater Los Angeles area, police said.

Training sites “have been carefully selected to ensure the event does not negatively impact the citizens of Los Angeles and their daily routine,” a department official said.

The training, which a department official said would involve helicopters, has been coordinated with local authorities and owners of the
training sites, police said.

Police said safety precautions have been taken to prevent risk to the general public and military personnel involved.

The exercises are closed to the public, police said.

The exercises are designed to ensure the military’s ability to operate in urban environments, prepare forces for upcoming overseas deployments, and meet mandatory training certification requirements, police said.

4 thoughts on “AND NOW … LAPD: ‘If You Notice A HEAVY MILITARY Presence Around Downtown Los Angeles This Week, Don’t Be Alarmed — It’s Only A Drill’”

  1. NDAA simply finalized what these clowns have been planning for a decade. They aren’t wasting one minute, are they? Hello, Orwellian nightmare, goodbye any hope of regaining our republic or regaining any of our civil rights. God help us.
    Thanks again, Infinite Unknown, for covering the stories other sites are too cowardly to publicize.
    With sincere thanks,
    Marilyn Gjerdrum

  2. Wake up people. NDAA, now military training in LA and surrounding areas, military tank deployments to a city near you, come on, we cannot be so blind as to not see that “big brother” is up to something and it involves every one of us.
    Remember Hitler, have any of you heard of or read about the Third Reich? You’d better begin NOW…


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