Magnitude 4.2, 4.1 And 2.6 Earthquakes Right Under Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Breaking News: Shallow M4.2 earthquake right under Fukushima plants (Fukushima Diary, Jan. 5, 2012):

21:41 1/5/2012 (JST) an earthquake of magnitude 4.2 hit Japan.

The epicenter is Fukushima Nakadori, where Fukushima plants are located.

It’s shallower than 10km. No information about the plant is announced yet.

JNN Fukushima live camera was down immediately after the quake.

Breaking News: More shallow earthquakes at Fukushima plants (Fukushima Diary, Jan. 5, 2012):

Following up this article

2 more earthquake happened. Epicenters of both earthquake are right under Fukushima plants.

1) 22:03 1/5/2012 (JST) M2.6 7.1km deep under ground.

2) 22:13 1/5/2012 (JST) M4.1 20km deep under ground. (Scale 4 in Fukushima)

The data of (1) is missing from the webpage of Japan Meteorological Agency for some reason.

There is no information about the reactors, but some people are tweeting about the situation.

kafuukafu Y.O

The friend of mine who told me reactor 4 is in crisis sent me and email now. It was an order “Do wear a mask when you go out.”. Looking around on twitter, a lot of people are concerned about the situation, but there is no official info from the government or Tepco. and her husband is .. involved in nuclear plant.

We need to keep our eyes on Fukushima still.

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