China Detects Radioactive Strontium-90, Silver-110m And Cesium-134 In Firefly Squid Off Fukushima Coast

Radioactive Strontium in Firefly Squid Off Fukushima Coast, Says China (EX-SKF, August 24, 2011):

plus cesium-134 (half-life of about 2 years) and silver-110m (half life about 250 days). Strontium-90’s half life is about 30 years.

From Jiji Tsushin (8/24/2011):


China’s State Oceanic Administration announced on August 24 that strontium-90 was detected in the firefly squid caught off the coast of Fukushima Prefecture in the amount that was 29 times as high as the marine organisms along the coast of China. Cesium-134, which is normally never detected in the marine organisms along the coast of China, and silver-110m, a gamma-ray emitter, were also detected.


The State Oceanic Administration considers that “the western Pacific Ocean to the east and southeast of Fukushima Prefecture has been clearly affected by the nuclear plant accident” and has ordered the related agencies to strengthen the inspection of the marine products off the coast of Fukushima for radioactive materials.

On August 15, China’s State Oceanic Administration announced that the evidence their survey ship had collected off the coast of Fukushima indicated a much wider contamination of the Pacific Ocean than the Japanese government had admitted so far. If the firefly squid was caught in this survey, they are talking about the Pacific Ocean 800 kilometers east of the Fukushima coast.

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