Torrential Rain Hits Niigata And Fukushima, Causes Rivers To Overflow, Raises Danger Of Landslides

Torrential rain hits Niigata & Fukushima (NHK, July 30, 2011):

Torrential rain in Niigata and Fukushima prefectures in northern Japan has caused rivers to overflow, raising the danger of landslides.

Six people are missing in the region. One man in Fukushima was caught in a mudslide as he was constructing a sandbag barrier to hold off the floods.

Since Wednesday, rainfall in Fukushima has exceeded 600 millimeters, while Niigata has gotten more than 450 millimeters.

Authorities have issued an evacuation advisory to 193,000 residents.

The Meteorological Agency is calling on people to be on the alert for floods, landslides, lightning and strong winds.

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