Weather Modification: Texas to Minnesota: ‘HAARP RINGS’ and ‘SCALAR TECHNOLOGY SQUARES’ (4/13/2011)

He was right before:

Thanks To HAARP And The US Government: Giant Tornadoes Destroy Homes And Farms In Iowa

US: 1000 Mile Long Storm ‘appears Out Of Nowhere’ And Hits ‘HAARP RING / SCALAR SQUARE’ Areas (4/11/2011)

Think this is BS? Here is …

Former Governor Jesse Ventura on Government Cover-Ups . . . 9/11, the Reality of HAARP and Making Government Better

I believe we are seeing CIVILIAN land based stations , already authorized to transmit basically unlimited frequency.. ie from airports and normal RADAR stations— which are being used in the weather modification arsenal.

These “dual use” facilities have obviously (to me) been outfitted with “other gear”… exactly what gear has been installed, i have no idea yet.. but will be attempting to find out in the near future.

NORTHERN MINNESOTA — Tornados within 24-48 hours .. based upon the appearing of the “rings” in conjunction with the “squares” or actually rectangles.

Rest of the areas listed below .. severe weather UP TO tornados. Based upon the smaller concentric “spiral rings” . Austin, Dallas, Fort Smith Arkansas, Springfield and Kansas City Missouri, North Platte Nebraska , Hastings and Red Cloud Nebraska, Omaha Nebraska, Des Moines Iowa, Junction City and Topeka Kansas.…

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