Global News (03/14/09)

It all began in a small store in Arkansas… (Guardian):
Four of the world’s top 15 billionaires are from one family. So who are the Waltons?

Biggest police operation for a decade to be launched at G20 summit in London (Telegraph):
The biggest police operation for a decade will be launched next month for the G20 summit after protesters said they planned to bring chaos to London.

Bonfire of the billionaires (Independent):
The global rich list just got shorter. Billionaires are an endangered species after the crunch cost them $2trillion, Stephen Foley reports

Madoff appeals for bail and reveals wife’s huge fortune (Guardian):
Documents filed by defence lawyers estimate that Madoff and his wife, Ruth, have assets worth between $823m and $826m (£589m to £591m) including four homes, four boats, a share in a private jet and a Steinway piano. To maintain their properties, they are burning through cash at a rate of $346,757 a month.

Bailout money is flowing abroad (Independent):
Study casts doubt on the effectiveness of Bank of England’s ‘quantitative easing’ policy

Plans for minimum alcohol price (BBC News):
The government’s top medical adviser has drawn up plans for a minimum price for alcohol which would double the cost of some drinks in England.

Washington Post to cut business section (Reuters)

How to protest at work the French way – take the boss hostage (Independent)

Swiss banks agree to end secrecy, after international pressure (Times Online):
Wealthy individuals and companies will no longer be able to hide their riches in Zurich bank accounts after Switzerland bowed to international pressure to end the era of “no questions asked” banking.

The success of drug decriminalization in Portugal (Salon):
Last year, working with the Cato Institute, I went to that country in order to research the effects of the decriminalization law (which applies to all substances, including cocaine and heroin) and to interview both Portuguese and EU drug policy officials and analysts (the central EU drug policy monitoring agency is, by coincidence, based in Lisbon).

Medical students warned bad behaviour could cost them career (Telegraph):
Medical students at university who skip lectures, take drugs or drink too much will face GMC-style hearings and could be banned from ever becoming a doctor, under new guidance.

Colombia’s desert war (Guardian):
The aerial assault on cocaine funded by the US is wiping out everything – apart from coca plants

Lesbians subjected to “corrective rape” in South Africa (Telegraph):
Lesbians living in South Africa are being subjected to “corrective rape” and severe violence by men trying to “cure” them of their sexual orientation, human rights groups have said.

Cops Arrest Priest For Filming Them (CBS News):
(AP) A Roman Catholic priest who monitors law enforcement treatment of minorities with a video camera released footage that appears to contradict the police account of his own arrest.

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