The SPARS Pandemic of 2025: Echo Chambers and Vaccine Opposition

The SPARS Pandemic of 2025: Echo Chambers and Vaccine Opposition:

In 2017, the Johns Hopkins Center of Health Security ran a simulation of a coronavirus pandemic known as SPARS. What can we learn from this exercise?

In the months since SARS-CoV-2 was declared a pandemic, researchers and journalists have spent countless hours searching for relevant information that might shed some light on the origins of what has come to be known as COVID-19. This research has led some to a number of simulations and exercises which “war gamed” a potential viral outbreak and asked how the people and institutions of the world would respond.

As TLAV has extensively documented, the pandemic exercises are numerous. The most well-known simulation is likely Event 201, a high-level pandemic exercise organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the World Economic Forum on October 18, 2019. Event 201 simulated how the world would respond to a fictional coronavirus pandemic known as CAPS which swept around the planet. The simulation imagined 65 million people dying, mass lock downs, quarantines, censorship of alternative viewpoints under the guise of fighting “disinformation,” and even floated the idea of arresting people who question the pandemic narrative.

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German state allows grocery stores to ban people without vaccine passport (Denied access to food) – 2G-Hammer in Hessen Supermärkte dürfen Ungeimpfte aussperren

German state allows grocery stores to ban people without vaccine passport:

Denied access to food.
The state of Hesse has joined a number of other states in Germany who are enforcing the co-called 2G rule as part of their COVID mandates, and is now allowing retailers, including those selling food, like supermarkets, to ban those without a vaccine passport from entering their premises.This marks an escalation of pressure that is mounting on COVID vaccine skeptics to get the jab, or risk being deprived of their basic rights, such as that of having access to food. Even at the height of the pandemic, supermarkets have been excluded from measures such as lockdowns to make sure citizens could buy basic supplies.

Germany’s BILD:

2G-Hammer in Hessen Supermärkte dürfen Ungeimpfte aussperren:

Der Druck auf Ungeimpfte wächst und wächst.

In Hessen dürfen nun auch sämtliche Einzelhändler bis hin zum Supermarkt selbst entscheiden, ob sie die 3G-Regel (geimpft, getestet, genesen) oder die 2G-Regel umsetzen – bislang gab es in Supermärkten keine Zugangsbeschränkungen, um allen Menschen die Möglichkeit der Grundversorgung zu gewähren.

Friday “Humor”: Vaccine Efficacy ‘Science’ Explained (Video)


Friday “Humor”: Vaccine Efficacy ‘Science’ Explained:

From 100% effective, “no deaths, no hospitalizations” to the imminent need for a 4th, 5th, 6th, semi-annual, bi-monthly “booster” dose and counting, here is the devolution of COVID vaccine efficacy exposed for all but the willfully blind to see…


Illuminati cards (1995)…

Some more Illuminati cards (1995)…

Alex Jones…

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