Virginia Roberts, Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz, Bill Clinton


via Jim Stone:

I do not cover the Elite pedophile topic much, but this should be mentioned

If you want to be accepted into the elite class, it has to be possible for those at the very tip of the pyramid to blackmail you with horrific offenses which will be used to destroy you later if you step out of line. Virtually all of the elite have a record of pedophilia and ritual murder, and not just at the Grove. The entire Charlie Hebodo scam was launched just as a major story broke about British royalty and pedophilia, (in addition to heaping sympathy on Jews right when they “needed it” to shut down Palestine yet again. Someone ought to ignore the sampson option and nuke those bastards once and for all, (but that is not the topic now) the following is:

Robert wrote:

Flight Logs put Clinton, Dershowitz on Pedophile Billionaire’s Plane Virginia Roberts: Jeffrey Epstein said he had sex with 1,000 girls –″

There are reporters writing stories now that are going to nuke Alan Dershowitz.

Many other VIPs were provided underage girls by Jeffrey Epstein and he was taping them. Bill Clinton, of course, was being pandered underage girls to have sex with.

Dozens of VIP Pedophile Friends of Mega-Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Note: one of Epstein’s best friend pedophiles was Les Wexner, a huge GOP donor. Wexner and Epstein were most likely gay lovers, too, in addition to being prolific pedophiles. Wexner – big Bush and Romney donor.

My comment: Do not expect anything good out of a world power structure that requires people to be ritual murderers and child molesters to become one of the chosen few. This is the type of thing the Book of Revelations talks about in the bible, and it is the first time such corruption has gone global within a time frame the bible talks about. Truly, these are the luciferian devil crowd the bible speaks of, who are committing evils and horrors that defy logic and surpass the most fertile imagination. We are in for a bumpy ride from here on out, the most corrupt people the world has ever seen now have the NSA and other intelligence agencies on their side and the good people really will soon all be snuffed, just like the same book of Revelations says.

If you refuse to deny God and the legitimacy of Jesus, you will be snuffed in the not too distant future because the evil goes far beyond pedophilia – this entire pedophile reality is just one zit on the face of an enormous monster.


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