Top Russia Scholar Stephen Cohen: War Between NATO And Russia A Real Possibility

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“Relentless vilification of Vladimir Putin by the PTB will lead to eventual nuclear conflict which they want and will be protected from….So, the war will result in the sacrifice of the little people….as always.”

Top Russia Scholar Stephen Cohen: War between NATO and Russia a Real Possibility (Russia Insider, March 20, 2015):

  • Round Table on “Defining a new security architecture for Europe that brings Russia in from the cold” was held in Brussels on March 2.
  • The organizer of the event was the American committee for East West Accord.
  • Three key presenters were American scholars Professor John Mearsheimer and Professor Steve Cohen, and publisher-editor of The Nation, Katrina Vanden Heuvel.
  • Q&A session was conducted by VIP guest panel which included five Members of the European Parliament from Left, Center and Right party groupings, two ambassadors and other senior diplomats from several missions, a senior member of the EU External Action Service, and Professor Richard Sakwa, author of the recently published Frontline Ukraine.
  • The first speech at the roundtable was delivered by John Mearsheimer, which we wrote about previously.

Professor Stephen Cohen is one of the most respected authorities on Russia among American and Western scholars. He is an American scholar of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University. His academic work concentrates on modern Russian history and Russia’s relationship with the United States.

The key points of Cohen’s extraordinary speech:

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