Assad: Winning Hearts, Minds And Battles in Syria (Veterans Today)

Assad: Winning Hearts, Minds and Battles in Syria (Veterans Today, June 14, 2013):

Most Syrians support Assad. They do so for good reason. Mass crowds turn out in liberated areas. Syria’s military is cheered.

Polls show over two-thirds of Syrians back their government. The longer conflict continues, the greater Assad backing grows.

It’s not surprising. Syrians want no part of living under a Washington-imposed dictatorship. They’re willing to sacrifice, fight and die to prevent it. They’ve come this far and won’t quit.

Obama and imperial allies are worried. John Kerry planned a fifth Middle East visit this week. On Tuesday, he was expected in Israel. He’s not coming. He’ll stay in Washington.

High-level meetings on Syria are ongoing. Assad’s been routing US proxy foot soldiers. Qusair and other impressive victories were won. Syrian forces control most parts of the country.

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