Raccoon Dogs Skinned Alive To Make Cheap ‘Ugg Boots’

Brutal: Workers in China skin a raccoon dog, but the animal is still alive and suffering

Skinned alive to make fake Uggs: Horrific footage reveals slow, sickening deaths of raccoon dogs (Daily Mail, Oct. 5, 2011):

Thousands of unsuspecting Britons may be buying imitation Ugg boots made from the pelts of animals skinned alive.

The fur comes from raccoon dogs, a species related to domestic dogs, farmed in China.

A sickening video of the skins being collected has led activists to demand a ban on the trade and call for clearer labelling.

Genuine Ugg boots cost up to £200 and use sheepskin, which is produced in a humane way.

But campaigners have found that other companies in Australia, where the popular boots are made, are using raccoon dog fur farmed in China and labelling it ‘Australian sheepskin’.

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