HEPPENHEIM, Germany: 17 Year Old Girl Groped

07/02/2016 – HEPPENHEIM, Germany – 17 Year Old Girl Groped

Four recent migrants from Afghanistan aged between 16 and 17 are being investigated by police after they surrounded and groped a 17 year old girl during Sunday’s carnival proceedings. The victim is pressing charges but the real identity of the men is presently in doubt, according to the police report.


COLOGNE, Germany: Woman jumped by gang

07/02/2016 – COLOGNE, Germany – Woman jumped by gang

The daughter of a prominent Cologne musician was jumped by a gang who beat her in the face and tore off her clothes. Although there was a number of other people in close proximity to the attack, none responded to the 26 year old woman’s cries for help. Worse, when she managed to escape to a nearby bar for aid she was thrown out by the landlord who said he didn’t want any trouble at the establishment.

Police managed to apprehend one suspect, who has been named only as ‘Yussuf B’. Police will also be visiting the bar to investigate their failure to render assistance to the woman, reports Express.


CALAIS, France: Migrants Barricade Eurostar Terminal

08/02/2016 – CALAIS, France – Migrants Barricade Eurostar Terminal

Migrants completely blockaded the Eurotunnel access road last night with wooden pallets and debris in a bid to stop traffic moving and climb aboard UK-bound lorries. One driver snapped a picture of the blockade which was shared to Facebook by the group Calais Routiers Sécurité.


BUDAPEST, Hungary – Hungary Applauds Border Controls

08/02/2016 – BUDAPEST, Hungary – Hungary applauds border controls

Hungary, the south-eastern European nation which reduced daily illegal migrant border crossings from 10,000 a day to just a couple of dozen by building a patrolled razorwire fence has congratulated Austria on making the first steps of securing their own border, reports Frankfurter Allgemeine.

Austria had been last year the strongest critic of Hungary’s border plan, with some government figures even comparing the Hungarian government to Nazis for taking efforts to protect their borders. Hungarian leader Viktor Orban was last week presented with a gift painting by the people of Bulgaria to congratulate him on his efforts to protect Europe from Muslim mass migration.


LINZ, Austria: Governor sends undercover police to deal with migrants

08/02/2016 – LINZ, Austria – Governor sends undercover police to deal with migrants

The governor of Upper Austria is deploying the state undercover police force to deal with what he described as a “small group of Moroccans” who he says are “fueling the rejection of all refugees” with their criminality.

The move is in response to the city train station having become a “danger zone” with fights every day and passengers going to and from trains routinely “molested”, reports Kronen Zeitung.


BERLIN, Germany: Controversial asylum package may be impotent

08/02/2016 – BERLIN, Germany – Controversial asylum package may be impotent

The German government’s much-debated Asylum Package II, a raft of measures to give Berlin more control over the migrant crisis may fail to deliver because it has been poorly worded. One of the main measures set out is a temporary halt on the right to family reunion, in which asylum-seeker unaccompanied children can apply to have the German government fly their families over because of the human right to family life.

The enormous number of unaccompanied youths — which includes anyone under age of 18 — has led to an even greater number as relatives to the youths are shipped to Germany, prompting the change to get migrant numbers down for 2016. Yet the fact the majority of unaccompanied minors don’t register as asylum seekers and instead are given tolerated foreigner status means only 105 minors properly registered in 2015 would actually be affected by the change, reports Die Welt.


BAVARIA, Germany: Police investigating ‘refugee themed’ carnival float


08/02/2016 – BAVARIA, Germany – Police investigating ‘refugee themed’ carnival float

Pictures of a a wood and cardboard mock-up of a Second World War vintage Tiger tank adorned with signs reading ‘Asylum defence’ and ‘Asylum Package III’ taken by police have been passed onto the office of the prosecutor after the float was featured in carnival parades this weekend.

Officers at the scene didn’t prevent the parade from going ahead because although they suspected the satirical float was possibly guilty of acting seditiously, they decided to respect the right of artistic freedom. One of the signs on the tank was a reference to the controversial ‘Asylum Package II’, a new package of government measures designed to give Germany greater control over their borders, but significantly delayed from its planned January implementation date.


ALTENBERG, Germany: Carnival float warns of dark future


08/02/2016 – ALTENBERG, Germany – Carnival float warns of dark future

A carnival float in the Saxony town of Altenberg has grabbed the attention of many German newspapers after it depicted a native American tipi. Written on a board below the wigwam and followed by the carnival crew dressed as native Americans, was the legend: “The Indians did nothing to prevent immigration and today they live in reservations”.

A second picture from the same parade showed a man dressed in the rags of a homeless man carrying a sign reading “if only I was a migrant”, reports N-TV


DONAUESCHINGEN, Germany: Police called to migrant centre brawl

07/02/2016 – DONAUESCHINGEN, Germany – Police called to migrant centre brawl

Several patrol cars and attendant officers were called to a migrant centre after an Iraqi elder brother objected to his 15 year old sister being in “contact” with a 22 year old Syrian male at the same facility. Using typically euphemistic language the police report on the situation stated the officers arrived to find between 50 and 60 migrants engaged in “tumultuous debate” over the matter.

Through “courageous action” the officers calmed the “threatening” situation and took five into police custody.


Vienna, Austria: 20-Year-Old Iraqi Refugee Rapes 10-Year-Old Boy In Indoor Aquatic Centre

… because he did not have sex for 4 months.

… enjoys himself afterwards at the diving board as if nothing happened.

Theresienbad Wien
Theresienbad Wien

Original article in German:

Iraker (20) vergewaltigte 10-Jährigen in Wiener Hallenbad

Google translation:

Because he did not have sex for 4 months

Iraqis (20) raped 10-year-olds in Vienna indoor pool:

Epoch Times, Saturday, February 6, 2016 15:15

A 20-year-old Iraqi refugee assaulted in a Vienna indoor pool on a ten year old boy. After the fact, he amused himself, as if nothing had happened, the springboard. After the weeping boy had informed the lifeguard, the police was informed that arrested the perpetrators still in the bathroom.

The act took place on 2 December 2015 a Vienna indoor swimming pool in the district Meidling. The police were “out victim protection reasons” not yet gone public, explained the spokesman of the State Police, Thomas Keiblinger that delay.

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