Migrant Crisis: ZAGREB, Croatia: Croatian police deployed to Serbian border

17/02/2016 ZAGREB, Croatia – Croatian police deployed to Serbian border

Police said in a statement: “Croatia has additional border police and special forces deployed to observe Serbia border area”, reports Krone. The deployment follows the deportation on Tuesday night of 217 failed migrants who had already been expelled before, but had returned illegally.

Serbian television reported those being sent away staged a “loud protest” but the police action was successful.


Migrant Crisis: VIENNA, Austria: Migrant Sex Assault On Vienna Underground

17/02/2016 VIENNA, Austria – Migrant Sex Assault on Vienna Underground

A 49 year old woman who was looking to attend a football match in Vienna was sexually assaulted by up to six asylum seekers at the Vienna underground station Simmering. Police say that the migrants were housed at a local asylum centre but were kicked out after repeat offences and are effectively homeless reports Die Presse.


Months After Welcoming 100,000 Refugees To The U.S. John Kerry Warns Migrants Pose An “Existential Threat” To Europe

Months After Welcoming 100,000 Refugees To The U.S. John Kerry Warns Migrants Pose An “Existential Threat” To Europe:

We find it ironic that the person now warning about refugees posing “a near existential threat” to an entire continent, was just five months ago so very eager to welcome 100,000 Syrian refugees to the US. We wonder if his policy on accepting those same refugees with open arms has changed as of this moment… and who gets to profit this time?

Migrant Rape Cover-Up: HuffPo, Indy, AND United Nations Claim Cologne Attackers ‘Not Refugees’, German Prosecutor: ‘Total Nonsense’


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Left Media Migrant Rape Cover-Up: HuffPo, Indy, AND United Nations Claim Cologne Attackers ‘Not Refugees’, German Prosecutor: ‘Total Nonsense’:

Mainstream media outlets have been blasted for peddling “total nonsense” today as left-wing newspapers coalesced to claim with one voice that “only three” of the suspects involved in Cologne’s mass migrant rape on New Year’s Eve were recent migrants or refugees.

But Cologne’s prosecutor, Ulrich Bremer, has said that the claim is “total nonsense” after an interview with German paper Die Welt this weekend was misinterpreted and reported in a way that the left-wing outlets wanted, rather than what the truth was.The Huffington Post, the Independent, the Metro, and Russia Today all jumped on clumsy reporting from liberal outlets on the European continent, going so far as to heavily editorialise their news copy on the issue.

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Migrant Crisis: Hannover, Germany: A 25-Year-Old Student Brutally Raped

13/02/2016 – Hannover, Germany – Rapist shouted ‘Inshallah!’

A 25 year old student has been brutally raped and beaten in a dark alley after leaving a nightclub in Hannover. According to the victim, her attacker spoke broken German and repeatedly shouted “Inshallah” – God willing – as he carried out his attack, oe24 has reported. A 39 year old Algerian migrant has appeared in court after DNA testing identified him as the rapist.


Migrant Crisis: Islington, London: Illegal Immigrant Accused Of Attempted To Kidnap School Children, Has Already Been Jailed For Brutal Strangulation And Rape

13/02/2016 – Islington, London – Illegal immigrant accused of attempted kidnap

Illegal immigrant Abdi Waise appeared at court yesterday accused of impersonating a police officer and attempting to kidnap school children in North London. He has been  charged with six counts of attempted kidnap, five counts of impersonating a police officer, false imprisonment, stalking and one count of inciting a 15-year-old boy to engage in sexual activity, the Evening Standard has reported.

Mr Waise already has a criminal record: he was jailed in 2009 for the brutal strangulation and rape of a woman in North London.


Migrant Crisis: BONN, Germany: Newly Arrived Migrant Has Already Been Caught Stealing Three Times

13/02/2016 BONN, Germany – Newly arrived migrant is already repeat offender

An Algerian migrant who has been in Germany just two months has already been caught stealing three times, and has been now sentenced to six months in jail.

Sentencing, the judge called the man a “basket case”, wondered why he couldn’t get along on his €320 montly allowance like the other migrants and told the man “you have greatly abused our hospitality”.


Migrant Crisis: STEINFURT, Germany: 13-Year-Old Girls Abused

13/02/2016 STEINFURT, Germany – 13 year year old girls abused

Three 13 year old girls were touched “immorally” repeatedly in a public swimming pool on Tuesday evening after they were approached by a gang of four or five “probably African” men.

Aged between 18 and 25, the men approached the girls while they were using the water slide. Police are appealing for witnesses.


Paderborn, Germany: British military families attacked by migrants

13/02/2016 – Paderborn, Germany – British military families attacked by migrants

Military police have confirmed that a number of attacks by migrants have been reported by military personnel and their families stationed at Paderborn in Germany, the Express has reported. One woman living at the barracks has told Forces TV: “If we are going out on a night out we need to plan ahead and not consume as much alcohol.”


Migrant Crisis: HAMBURG, Germany: Englishman Raped With Courgette

12/02/2016 HAMBURG, Germany – Englishman raped with courgette

An Englishman out cycling in a German park was hospitalised on Monday evening after he was jumped by a gang of three “southerners” and anally raped. MOPO reports the man was dragged to the ground, pinned down, and had his trousers pulled down by two of the men while the third went through his shopping bags and pulled out a courgette.

The vegetable was then “brutally pushed into the anus”. Police are appealing for witnesses.