Migrant Crisis: HEPPENHEIM, Germany: 17-Year-Old-Molested

10/02/2016 HEPPENHEIM, Germany – 17 year old molested

Four Afghan men are in police custody after they sexually harassed a 17 year old girl on Sunday. Aged between 16 and 17, the attackers who enjoy refugee status in Germany are being treated as minors by police, reports Morgenweb.


Migrant Crisis: GÜTERSLOH, Germany: Carnival Chaos, Rape, Sex Assault

10/02/2016 GÜTERSLOH, Germany – Carnival chaos, rape, sex assault

A town’s annual carnival has been overshadowed by sex assault and theft, reports Neue Westfalische. A 24 year old presented herself to police after she was raped, leading to the arrest of a 29 year old Nigerian asylum seeker. The man told police the sex was consensual, investigations are ongoing.

Another arrest was of a 24 year old Algerian who molested two 16 and 17 year old girls. Police are seeking “three black Africans” and two other men in costume after they groped and robbed a 21 year old woman. A 25 year old Syrian was arrested after squeezing the buttocks of two women. Another woman was molested by two masked men.

Two Russian citizens are under investigation by police after they shouted “Heil Hitler” during the carnival.


Migrant Crisis: LAUFENBURG, Germany: 3 Afghans Arrested After They Molested Multiple Women

10/02/2016 – LAUFENBURG, Germany – Drunk, molesting Afghans arrested

Police arrested three Afghan males aged 18, 19, and 26 after they molested multiple women at a carnival at the weekend. There are ‘indications’ they were drunk, reports Pforzheimer Zeitung.


Migrant Crisis: MAINZ, Germany: Woman Molested In Shrovetide Attack

10/02/2016 – MAINZ, Germany – Woman molested in Shrovetide attack

A 27 year old woman was molested by a gang of “Arab” looking men while she was dancing at a Shrovetide celebration on Sunday. After one attacked her and turned to leave, she was held back by a second while being mocked by the men. On the same day a number of other women between 18 and 21 years old were also molested, being touched on the bottom, breasts, and genitals by three Arab men.

Investigators are trying to determine whether it was the same gang in all cases, reports Allegmeine Zeitung.


Migrant Crisis: DORTMUND, Germany: Migrant On Migrant Violence

10/02/2016 – DORTMUND, Germany – Migrant on migrant violence

A 38 year old Moroccan ‘refugee’ was rushed to intensive care from his asylum shelter on Monday after he was stabbed by a fellow asylum seeker. The 20 year old responsible has been has been arrested for grievous bodily harm, report police.


Migrant Crisis: Austria: Asylum seekers jump the hospital queue

10/02/2016 Austria – Asylum seekers jump the hospital queue

Last week large numbers of people turned up at Austrian hospitals because of a flu epidemic, but had to wait to see doctors whilst asylum seekers were seen to get priority treatment. Now health officials have admitted they were ordered not to make asylum seekers wait but to give them fast track treatment.

The reason given is that part of the asylum process sees migrants receiving a health check for which expensive translators are needed to aid communication with doctors, and Austrian officials do not want to pay translators to sit in waiting rooms.


Migrant Crisis: VIENNA, Austria: Extra measures to secure southern border

10/02/2016 VIENNA, Austria – Extra measures to secure southern border

Austria’s government is set to announce ten new ‘border management systems’ to secure its southern border crossings in Tyrol and Carinthia, a place where migrants faced with stricter controls at the border with Slovenia are likely to cross.

The measures will include fences, barriers and increased patrols by police and soldiers. There will also be army patrols on Austria’s border with Hungary, the main crossing point for migrants last summer.


Turkey fears new influx of up to 600,000 Syrian refugees

Now that the Syrian army, with help from Russia, is taking back Syria, “Syrian refugees” are fleeing to Europe?

Turkey fears new influx of up to 600,000 Syrian refugees (The Times of Israel):

Ankara says current objective is to keep wave of people on other side of its borders, provide needed aid there

NKARA, Turkey — The Turkish government fears that fierce fighting in Syria’s Aleppo province will spark the arrival of up to 600,000 refugees at its border in a “worst case scenario”, Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus said Monday.

“The worst-case scenario that could happen in this region in the short term would be a new influx of 600,000 refugees at the Turkish frontier,” Kurtulmus told journalists following a cabinet meeting.

 The clashes in the north of Aleppo province — sparked by a week-long government assault with Russian air support — have displaced tens of thousands of people.

LEVERKUSEN, Germany: Mass brawl after migrant teenage sex assault

09/02/2016 – LEVERKUSEN, Germany – Mass brawl after migrant teenage sex assault

Dozens of locals moved to defend a 19 year old girl after she was groped on bottom by a “North African” male which led to a mass brawl. Police were deployed to the suburb and ordered all bars in the area to close early to head off the possibility of further violence. The violence, in which migrants pulled knives after being told to leave the local women alone, took three hours to be settled by officers.

Local bar owners expressed frustration over being forced to close early on one of their busiest trading days of the year, with one landlord expressing to the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger that the crowd in her establishment were good natured and they had nothing to do with the fighting.