Romania: Blizzards and heavy snowfalls in the middle of spring

Romania – Blizzards and heavy snowfalls in the middle of spring:

Snow sometimes reaches even 30 cm (12 inches) as winter came again.

Flocks and herds should be grazing on the hills. The animals are now huddling in barns and farmers are forced to buy hay to feed them.

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And Now The Weather …


Hard freeze expected this weekend

Heavy April Snow Blankets the Great Lakes and Northeast; Over 6 Inches Already For Some in Michigan

Spring has unsprung with up to 3 inches of snow forecast through Saturday evening


Nearly 8 inches of snow covers Toledo

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Iceland: The Coldest Winter Since 1995

Iceland The Coldest Winter Since 1995

The Coldest Winter Since ´95:

This passing winter seems to be the coldest measured winter since 1995 according to Meteorologist Trausti Jónsson. Visir reports about new data Jónsson compiled and published on his blog, showing the average temperatures in the months of December, January and February of 2015-2016 to be lower than they have been since 1995. The International winter of 2015 – 2016 was the coldest particularly up-country and it was only measured slightly colder in 1995. Reykjavik is however experiencing much the same temperatures on average as last winter and also in 2000.

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And Now The Weather …

Whiteface Mountain, located in the Adirondack mountains of New York, got down to a chilly -114 with the wind chill over the weekend

Record-shattering cold in Ontario:

Shatters old record set 129 years ago.

-114 Wind Chill at Summit of New York mountain:

That’s MINUS 114 degrees  (-81 C).

Record low temps at New York airports

The mercury plunged to 1 degree F (-17.2 C) at JFK International Airport on Sunday, shattering the old record of 4 degrees set back in 1979.

Cold records shattered across northeastern US

Temperatures plunged to record-breaking lows across the northeastern United States on Valentine’s Day.

Arctic Blast Affecting More Than 100 Million People (Video)

Arctic blast affecting more than 100 million people – Video:

Breaking 117-year-old cold records. “Life threatening,” says National Weather Service. Meanwhile, our leaders prattle on about “global warming”.

Massive blast of Arctic air from the Plains to Florida to Maine.

“This is an extremely dangerous situation,” says announcer. “People are urgently being warned to stay indoors.”

The temperature in Buffalo could drop to 30 degrees below zero F. Other places could see 50 degrees below zero.

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Iceland Monitor – “We’re totally snowed in”

Iceland Monitor – “We’re totally snowed in”:

“I am tall but the snow reached up to my waist.”

5 Feb 2016 – All schools are closed in Patreksfjörður in the West Fjords due to heavy snowfall last night. An avalanche alert is still on in the small town. “We’re totally snowed in,” says director of the town council Ásthildur Sturludóttir. “I am tall but the snow reached up to my waist.”

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Snowfall In China Has Broken All Records Of Previous Years

Snowfall in China has broken all records of previous years:

“This is according to a Pakistan news agency,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “No specific numbers are given and this is not (yet) confirmed by other media. It could very well be true, but we have to be careful.”

Snowfall in China, which has continued for several days, has broken all records of previous years and has increased problems for millions of people returning to their homes for Chinese new year ceremonies, says

Aerial operation and trainschedule have been affected badly due to bad weather and snowfall, while six thousand policemen have been deployed to control the people.

Mexico: Coldest Winter In History – State Of Emergency Declared In 24 Of The 32 States

Mexico – Coldest winter in history:

The situation is particularly worrying in the north, where the thermometer reached the -17 ° C mark. In Mexico City it snowed in January, a phenomenon not seen in the capital since 1967.

31 Jan 2016 – While the storm Jonah was unleashed on the United States, in Mexico temperatures dropped to record lows.

The snow and cold forced the government to declare a state of emergency is declared in 24 of the 32 states in the country.

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