On the Edge with Max Keiser (06/05/09)

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ON THE EDGE with Max Keiser: The Worst Is Yet to Come (05/22/09)

This bear market rally is short lived. The Greatest Depression is here.

This is a MUST-SEE.

Insiders are dumping their stocks at an alarming rate.

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“The Worst Is Yet to Come”: “If the consumer isn’t petrified, he or she is a damn fool.”

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Max Keiser on France 24: Can Fiat save Chrysler? (05/07/09)

Max Keiser:

“The Hedge Funds make more money with Chrysler dead than alive.”

“Capitalism is now eating itself in America, it’s swallowing itself, it’s destroying itself, because they are going after the last crumbs on the table as the American economy implodes.”

“They are going to fire millions of workers in the entire auto industry.”

“In France workers actually have representation. They can kidnap the boss in France and they can get away with that. In America if they try to kidnap the boss they would be gunned down by American Homeland Security. They have no ability to protest in America, the workers. They are just cogs in the wheel. They are treated like complete mud.”

“They want to eliminate the entire middle classes in America, because they are in the way of the bankers.”

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Max Keiser on bankers’ bonuses: These guys are financial terrorists, they should be decapitated (03/27/09)

Several sources say Max Keiser’s BBC show ‘The Oracle’ has been suspended.

Max Keiser on France 24’s ‘Face Off’ talking about bankers’ bonuses.

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Max Keiser Calls Henry Paulson A Financial Terrorist

If you want to see a very emotional financial analyst this is a must see.

Max Keiser calls treasury secretary Hank Paulson a “Financial Terrorist”. He states America is issuing non collateralized bonds that are worthless.

The Dollar and the Bonds are counterfeit. They have nothing backing them. This will lead to an economic collapse to all countries who play into this Wall Street scheme.

Developing nations are giving away their commodities for worthless paper.

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