AND NOW … Kyoto Prefectural Government Detects Radioactive Manure At 4,990 Becquerels/Kg

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#Radiation in Japan: Now It’s Radioactive Manure (EX-SKF, August 2, 2011):

Now that the Ministry of Agriculture has set the provisional safety standard for compost at 400 becquerels/kg, this is the first manure to exceed that limit. It was made in Ibaraki Prefecture, and was being sold in Kyoto.

Low-level contamination spreads to the western half of Japan. Already, radioactive leaf compost have been found in Tottori Prefecture (Chugoku region) and Kagawa Prefecture (Shikoku region).

From Mainichi Shinbun Japanese (12:35AM JST 8/3/2011):

京 都府は2日、同府向日市の「ロイヤルホームセンター物集女(もずめ)店」で「茨城県産」の表示で販売されていた堆肥(たいひ)から国の暫定許容値(1キロ 当たり400ベクレル)の10倍以上の同4990ベクレルの放射性セシウムを検出したと発表した。流通ルートは未判明だが、茨城県産と見られる堆肥から放 射性セシウムが検出されたのは初めて。府によると、東京の業者が販売する「馬ふんたい肥」(5リットル)で、馬ふんやわらなどを熟成発酵させたもの。府は 店頭からの撤去と自主回収を指導した。これまでの販売数量は不明という。

The Kyoto prefectural government announced on August 2 that 4,990 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium was detected from the manure labeled “made in Ibaraki Prefecture” ; the level of radiation is more than 10 times the provisional safety limit of 400 becquerels/kg. The manure was sold at “Royal Home Center Mozume Branch” in Muko City in Kyoto. It is the first time radioactive cesium has been detected from the manure made in Ibaraki. According to the Kyoto prefectural government, the manure is sold by a dealer in Tokyo and labeled “Horse Manure” (5 liters), made from horse manure and rice hay. The prefectural government instructed the store to remove the manure from the store premise and to recall the product voluntarily. There’s no information as to how many bags of this manure have already been sold.

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