Can Inositol Prevent and Heal Cancer?

Can inositol prevent and heal cancer?:

The number of little-known chemo-protective natural substances that are discovered every day continues to amaze me. These substances have always been “out there,” either in nature or produced in our own bodies. One substance that is both generated by the body’s systems and found in many natural foods is inositol.

In addition to the positive effect this nutrient has on brain neurotransmitters and fat conversion, it has also continued to show promise as a great nutrient for preventing many kinds of cancer, especially lung and colon cancer.

Inositol is a vital nutrient for your body and brain

Inositol is produced in a multiple of ways. It is sometimes categorized as being part of the B vitamin family (B8), because, like the B’s, it is water-soluble and does not stay in the body long once it is produced or consumed. In actuality, inositol is a carbohydrate; many people prefer to put the powder supplement form in smoothies because of its sweet taste and creamy texture. Plus, it does not have any of the negative effects associated with sugar, which is a real plus for those who wish to avoid sucrose.

A healthy body will produce about 4 grams of inositol a day through the kidneys. The most common form, called myo-inositol, can be found in the following foods:

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