Record Cold Temperatures In Macedonia – People Are Freezing To Death

Woman Dies Near Skopje Amid Record Cold (Balkan Insight, Feb.15, 2012):

A woman was found dead at her home near Skopje on Wednesday morning, as temperatures in the capital dropped to a record low of minus 22 degrees Celsius.

The body of Radmila Stojcevska, 52, was found frozen at her house in the village of Mrshevci. According to initial police reports, the sickly and bed-bound woman died after being without firewood overnight.

Her death added to a political row over the real number of cold-related deaths in the country.

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Snow Depth Reach 6 METERS In Eastern Turkey

Snow depth reach 6 meters in eastern Turkey / PHOTO (

Snow depth reach 6 meters in eastern Turkey (Arabs Today, Feb. 12 2012):

As many parts of Turkey hit by cold weather and snowfall, snow depth reached 6 meters in eastern Turkish city of Bitlis.
Bitlis where have been taking non- stop snowfall since one week, layer of snow reached tremendous dimensions.
According to Turkish meteorological authorities snow drift reached 640 cm across the Bitlis. Daily life nearly stops in beautiful eastern Turkish city. City also get most snowfall among Turkey’s other cities.
Meanwhile, hundreds of village’s road totally closed of excessive snowfall which put many people in hard condition. Bitlis municipality took extra measure to struggle incredibly high snow drift.
Snow paralyzed life in many provinces across Turkey and led to the closure of many schools and roads last week.

AND NOW … Peru, Andes: Extreme Cold Killing Hundreds Blamed On … GLOBAL WARMING!


Scientists try to explain global cooling …

Since 1998 the earth is cooling:

What happened to global warming? The warmest year recorded globally was 1998 (BBC News, Oct. 9, 2009):

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

… with their brilliant theory of global warming.

For me this is like US government trying to get out of debt by creating record amounts of it.

‘Rises in C02 lag 800 years behind temperature rises. So temperature is leading CO2 by 800 years!’
– Prof. Ian Clark

and so CO2 cannot possibly cause global warming or global cooling:

The CO2 Lie: ‘Global Warming Has Stopped 12 Years Ago!’, Say Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt And Dr. Sebastian Lüning (BILD)

Global Warming: THE CO2 Lie: Renowned Team Of Scientists Claim The Climate Catastrophe Is Fear-Mongering By Politics (BILD)

It is the sun’s activity that causes the earth to warm or to cool down.

We also have a NORTH POLE that is moving. And this IS causing (logically) changes in climate:

‘Russian Winter Goes EXTREME’ (Pravda): -50 Degrees Celsius In Siberia …. Video: ‘USDA Says NEW WARM LATITUDES Shift North = Russia/Sibera North Pole’

Earth’s Magnetic Pole Shift? The Shift is About to Hit the Fan!

Scientists Say The Magnetic North Pole Is Moving At 40 Miles Per Year Toward Russia And The Fallout Has Reached – Of All Places -Tampa International Airport

Earth’s North Magnetic Pole is Racing Toward Russia at Almost 64 Kilometers a Year Due to Core Flux

But who needs logic, when we have SCIENCE?

The elitists know what is really going on:

Global Cooling and the New World Order (Telegraph):

“The 58th Bilderberg Meeting will be held in Sitges, Spain 3 – 6 June 2010. The Conference will deal mainly with Financial Reform, Security, Cyber Technology, Energy, Pakistan, Afghanistan, World Food Problem, Global Cooling, Social Networking, Medical Science, EU-US relations.”

Yep, that’s right. Global Cooling.

In the Andes, Extreme Cold Extracts Bitter Toll (Scientific American, Feb. 13, 2012):

Climate change may also be to blame for three bitter winters that have left more than 400 dead

EL HIGUERON, Peru – Carlos Cruz Chanta lives just off a rutted dirt road, almost lost in the mist, outside this village on a steep ridge of jungle-covered mountains. Like his neighbors, he makes his living raising livestock and growing corn, fruit, beans, and coffee.

But the bean harvests have failed recently, and cattle have come down with strange illnesses. Ice has ruined the oranges and avocados. Most worryingly, the cold has taken its toll on his children.

“The children get pneumonia,” said Chanta. “This cold is so much for our children.”

Over the past three years, bitter cold spells and frosts have made life in El Higueron – and throughout most of the Peruvian Andes – increasingly difficult. As paradoxical as it seems, scientists suspect global warming is to blame.

In 2008 and 2009, frigid temperatures descended on Peru in March and April, almost three months before the start of the Southern Hemisphere winter. The unseasonable cold not only killed livestock but contributed to the deaths of almost 250 children across the country, according to news reports at the time.

The winter of 2010 proved even worse. After temperatures plunged to 46-year lows, the government declared a state of emergency in 16 of the county’s 24 regions. In some areas, temperatures reached 24 degrees Celsius below zero, or 13 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. More than 400 people died, most of them children.

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‘Code Red For Agriculture In Tuscany’ (Libero): Loss Rates Of Up To 50 Percent!

Google translation (Original article in Italian below.):

Bad weather: Coldiretti, code red for agriculture in Tuscany (Libero, Feb. 9, 2012):

Florence, February 9 – (Adnkronos) – blizzard comes and farmers tremble. Sale in Tuscany concern for agricultural production already ‘put to the test by a week of freezing temperatures. The worsening weather conditions expected over the weekend and announced the arrival of the dreaded snow storm and icy Baltic carry the warning level on the code red.

” We are very worried – admits Tulio Marcelli, Regional Chair Coldiretti Tuscany – Snow and ‘definitely a problem, but the cold may’ be a very dangerous factor for agricultural production. In general, for many crops on our land as olive trees and vines from frost damage to equipment and will be visible and measurable only at the vegetative growth, therefore, to date, and ‘difficult to make an analysis of some of the entity’ of the damage. The sudden drop in temperature, for a period so ‘long, can’ do much harm.”

Meanwhile Coldiretti Tuscany (info at certifies already ‘some situations scattered’ throughout the region of strong critical ‘where the production of seasonal vegetables grown in open fields (see sprouts, cabbage, artichokes and in general, leafy vegetables like lettuce, radicchio, endive, borage, spinach, chicory) and ‘lost with rates of up to 50%, the cold has also affected the product already’ harvest and during storage.

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Europe: Big Freeze Death Toll Rises Past 550 – Tens Of Thousands Of People Cut Off – State of Emergency Declared In Montenegro After Blizard Dumps Another 2 Meters of Snow In 24H

Death toll rises as big cold freezes Europe (DPA/Sydney Morning Herald – ‎Feb 11, 2012‎):

Freezing temperatures left thousands of people stranded without power in the Balkans and elsewhere in Europe on Saturday, as the death toll from one of the coldest winters in years continued to rise.

In Montenegro, the government declared a state of emergency 24 hours into a blizzard that dumped another two metres of snow across the country and cut off access to northern regions. The death toll was expected to rise from three when rescuers reach isolated areas.

In Serbia, the authorities reported three new deaths, raising the overall death toll for the country to 19. An estimated 50,000 people remain isolated in remote villages. The energy situation has become critical, prompting the government to extend a two-day holiday next week to five days, keeping schools closed and cut the power supply to non-essential factories.

In Croatia, an average of 50 centimetres of snow were expected to fall during the weekend, while powerful winds blowing from the sea forced local road authorities to close some sections of the Adriatic highway.

Many villages in mountainous regions in Bosnia have been cut off since the start of the cold spell, nearly two weeks ago.

Temperatures dropped to as low as -32C in Poland’s southern Bieszczady Mountains, while eight people died in house fires, police said.

A further eight people died in Romania, the health ministry said, raising the overall death toll to 65. Tens of thousands of people remained isolated in the south, where the army, police and firefighters were trying to clear access routes and distribute food and water.

Heavy snowfall also hit many parts of Italy – especially its central and southern regions – where six recent deaths have been linked to the cold weather. Several remote villages in the central Marche and Umbria regions remained cut off as a result of unusually high snow levels.

In north-eastern Trieste, at least 10 people were injured when winds with speeds of more than 130 km/h lashed the Adriatic port city. The poor weather forced the cancellation of flights and Serie A football matches.

In northern Bulgaria, trains could not make their way through the deep snow, which the wind has blown on the railways, state radio reported.

The Bulgarian section of the Danube was completely frozen on Saturday, the national Agency for Maintenance of the Danube River said. The Bulgarian Maritime Administration has banned all navigation in the Bulgaria section, including ferries to Romania.

europe snow blocks in tens of thousands (AFP/Pakistan Daily Times – ‎Feb 11, 2012‎):

* Death toll from Europe’s big freeze rises past 550

BELGRADE: Snow drifts reaching up to rooftops kept tens of thousands of villagers prisoners in their own homes Saturday as the death toll from Europe’s big freeze rose past 550.

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January Freeze Severely Damaged California Navel, Mandarin crops

January freeze reduces California Navel, mandarin crops (Western Farm Press, Feb. 7, 2012):

Two nights of frigid temperatures in mid January across portions of California’s Fresno and Madera counties nipped the 2011-2012 Navel and mandarin citrus crops by an estimated 10 percent to 25 percent.

The Jan. 16-18 freeze event hit northern Fresno County and Madera County the hardest with as much as a 40 percent to 100 percent crop loss in the coldest locations in those counties.

“We estimate 10 percent of the Navel crop and 15 to 20 percent of the mandarin crop have been affected by the freezing temperatures,” said Bob Blakely, director of grower services with California Citrus Mutual, Exeter, Calif.

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MUST-SEE: Romania: Villages Buried Under 13-16 Feet (4-5 Meters) of Snow (Video)

YouTube Added: 10.02.2012


Villages buried under 4-5 Meters (13-16 feet) of snow. January-February 2012.


EUROPE: Cold Snap Death Toll Rises To At Least 460, As Danube (Europe’s Busiest Waterway) Freezes Over

Europe’s Danube freezes over, cold snap toll at 460 (ZEENEWS, Feb. 11, 2012):

Belgrade: Thick ice closed vast swathes of the Danube on Thursday, crippling shipping on Europe’s busiest waterway, as the death toll from bitter cold across the continent rose to at least 460.

As it has every day for nearly two weeks, the brutal cold claimed lives in several countries and killed dozens more in weather-related accidents.

The 2,860-kilometre Danube, which flows through 10 countries and is vital for transport, power, irrigation, industry and fishing, was wholly or partially blocked from Austria to its mouth on the Black Sea.

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Italy Hit By The Most Intense Cold Wave Of The Last 70 Years

Italy struggles under record cold snap (Press TV, Feb 8, 2012):

Italy has been hit by the most intense cold wave of the last 70 years. Freezing temperatures took the death toll across the country to over 40.

In some inland Northern areas temperatures have reached minus 25 degrees Celsius while snow keeps falling relentlessly.

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