NWO Financial Terrorist Attack On Greece: Max Keiser, Nigel Farage, Gerald Celente On Greek Austerity & Bailout

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Former Goldman Sachs Managing Director Appointed European Central Bank President!

Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Revolution is the Only Answer (For Greece, Ireland etc.)

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A short video about what’s happening in Greece at the present and what has lead Greece to this state. Speaking in the clips are Max Keiser, Nigel Farage and Gerald Celente. The clips are from Russia Today, Aljazeera and EU parliament. Music by Corner Stone Cues – Requiem For A Tower Mvt II III IV.

The German Jobs Miracle Continues, Unemployment Rate Falls To New Post-Reunification Record

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(Express) German Mark Set For Comeback As Euro Crisis Deepens: ‘The Bundesbank Has Been Ordered To Print Marks’

The German Jobs Miracle Continues (Business Insider, June 30, 2011):

Germany just booked its 24th straight month of falling unemployment.

Think about that: An aging Western nation, not thought of as being on the vanguard of high technology right now, without an abundance of natural resources, in the midst of an existential crisis all around it, just keeps cranking out the jobs.

According to Bloomberg, the official unemployment rate fell to 7%, once again, hitting a new post-reunification record. A seasonally-adjusted drop of 8,000 jobs was better than the drop of 17,000 jobs economists had predicted.

And of course, this is what makes the anti-Merkel hatred even more interesting. The booming economy and lack of joblessness hasn’t helped her one bit, confounding anyone who thinks that all citizens care about is jobs and the economy.

(Express) German Mark Set For Comeback As Euro Crisis Deepens: ‘The Bundesbank Has Been Ordered To Print Marks’

I know of several economics prof.’s in Germany that predicted the euro to experience a crisis around 2008 to 2010 and that the currency union will fail.

Almost three-quarters of Germans doubt the euro has a future

“The Bundesbank has been ordered to print marks.”


ALMOST three-quarters of Germans doubt that the euro has a future, a poll reveals.

They also believe rescue attempts are futile as billions more euros will be paid to bail out Greece.

A poll by German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, found 71 per cent had “doubt,” “no trust” or thought there is “no future” for the euro. Only 19 per cent expressed “confidence” in it.

Sixty eight per cent said they did not think the emergency bail out of Greece would work.

A separate poll last week showed more than half of Germans thought that Greece should be thrown out of the euro.

Rumours are also rife in Germany that Deutsche Mark bank notes are being printed again in preparation for ditching the euro.

It is said Germany’s central bank, the Bundesbank, has been ordered to print marks as part of contingency plans to leave Europe’s single currency.

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Mega Ritual 2011 – Planned Terrorist Attack At The Women’s Soccer World Cup in Berlin (Update): Another German Lawyer, Dominik Storr, Files Criminal Complaint – More Videos

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Hints Of Planned (Nuclear) Terrorist Attack At The Women’s Soccer World Cup 2011 in Berlin (June 26, 2011): Mega Ritual 2011 (Complete) – Mega Ritual New Signs – DB Provides New Information – First We Take Manhattan … Then We Take Berlin – Lawyer Files Preliminary Injunction Against Angela Merkel Because of Planned Nuclear Attack

I’ve also added some more videos below.

Even Wolfgang Schäuble warned in 2006 of a nuclear terrorist attack in Germany. (Video below.)

Use the Google translator for the following German texts.

Erst Manhatten, dann Berlin? Meine Strafanzeige vom 23.06.2011 wegen mutmaßlich geplanten Terroranschlags am 26.06.2011 in Berlin (Dominik Storr, German Lawyer, June 24, 2011):

Nachdem ich gestern von einem Deutsch-Amerikaner noch einen Hinweis in dieser traurigen Angelegenheit erhalten hatte, den man wegen der allgemeinen Lebenserfahrung und den juristischen Denkgesetzen nicht wegargumentieren kann, hatte ich mich heute Nacht entschieden, Strafanzeige beim Bundeskriminalamt wegen eines mutmaßlich geplanten Terroranschlags am 26.06.2011 in Berlin einzureichen.

Ich schließe mich den Worten meines Kollegen van Geest, der in dieser Sache einen umfangreichen Antrag auf Erlass einer einstweiligen Anordnung gegen die Bundeskanzlerin Frau Dr. Merkel sowie gegen den Innensenator des Landes Berlin vom 31.05.2011 beim Verwaltungsgericht Berlin (Az. 33 L 259.11) gestellt hat, an:

Möge Gott uns vor dem geplanten Unheil bewahren!

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Ceasefire Between Germany And ECB Has Expired: Greek Compromise Plan Now ‘OFF THE TABLE’

Ceasefire Between Germany And ECB Has Expired: Greek Compromise Plan Now “Off The Table” (ZeroHedge, June 19, 2011):

The one catalyst which sent the EURUSD (and thus its first derivative, the SPX) surging on Friday was the Guardian story that Germany, Sarkozy and most importantly, the ECB, have reached a consensus over the form of the second Greek bailout. In the immediate aftermath, Greece, sensing European weakness, announced that it would seek to pass the Troica plan however with substantial changes, a development which prompted us to say that “now that Merkel has effectively thrown in the towel to her, and the CDU’s, political reign by agreeing with the ECB’s and France’s demands, a move which will be brutalized by Der Spiegel in T minus 5 minutes, the fact that Europe blinked to Greece’s bluff, just may mean that every demand out of Greece will be met.” Well, sure enough here is Der Spiegel, however instead of seen as bending over to Greece, Germany appears to have had a dramatic change of heart, and told not only Greece to take its demands and shove them, but the ECB to go fornicate itself.

Per AFP: “A German compromise plan to resolve a dispute with the European Central Bank over the Greek rescue that was reported by Der Spiegel magazine is no longer on the table, a government source said Sunday. Der Spiegel had reported ahead of its Monday issue that the German finance ministry called for a beefed-up version of Europe’s temporary bailout mechanism lending to Greek banks to insure they have adequate collateral with the ECB. Germany’s share of guarantees would climb to 246 billion euros from 123 billion euros, according to the report. But a German official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that while “several options” were being debated to involve private creditors in an Athens rescue, the reported proposal was “no longer on the agenda“. The source added that the initial plan had differed from the reported proposal in “key aspects”. German officials say they seek a plan with as few “unwanted side effects” as possible.” Naturally, key among these being the perception that German is a toothless power, happy to invite inflation now that wanton Euro printing will be the next step in the bailout chain of command. And so the ball is back in the ECB’s court which will have to scramble once again to prevent Jean-Claude Jun(c)ker’s greatest nightmare: the 20 big figure plunge in the EURUSD predicted by John Noyce earlier.

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EU Sends Memo To Germany, Austria and Holland Ordering Women To Get Jobs To Avoid Looming (Slave) Labour Shortages In The Future

… so that everybody in Germany needs 2-3 jobs to ‘survive’, like in the US, instead of one job to ‘live’ and being able to support an entire family from your income.

There is no labor shortage in Europe.

And  nobody should accept advise from corrupt criminals:

The European Parliament Refuses To Release Secret Expenses Abuse Report (Telegraph, June 9, 2011)

You have too many housewives! Brussels sends memo to Germany, Austria and Holland ordering women to get jobs (Daily Mail, June 9, 2011):

The EU wants Europe’s biggest economy to avoid looming labour shortages in future by dismantling barriers to women entering the workforce.

Read moreEU Sends Memo To Germany, Austria and Holland Ordering Women To Get Jobs To Avoid Looming (Slave) Labour Shortages In The Future

German Chancellor Angela Merkel Calls For NEW WORLD ORDER (ARD – Tagesthemen, June 4, 2011)

ARD (full name: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland – “Consortium of public-law broadcasting institutions of the Federal Republic of Germany”) is a joint organization of Germany’s regional public-service broadcasters. It was founded in West Germany in 1950 to represent the common interests of the new, decentralized, post-war broadcasting services — in particular the introduction of a joint television network.

Angela Merkel fordert öffentlich Neue Weltordnung – 04.06.2011

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Auf dem Evangelischen Kirchentag 2011: “Souveränität und Rechte abgeben!”

Merkel wörtlich:

„Warum ist Kopenhagen gescheitert? Im Grunde sind wir zum Schluss an einem Punkt gescheitert, der ganz interessant ist in Zusammenhang mit der Globalen Ordnung!” [Globale Ordnung = New World Order]

“China und Indien haben gesagt: Wir sind bereit, uns [zu diversen Klimaschutzzielen] zu verpflichten, aber wir sind nicht bereit, uns verbindlich international zu verpflichten. Wir machen das zu Hause, ihr müsst uns glauben, aber wir geben keine Souveränität ab an internationale Organisationen.”

“Und das ist der vielleicht spannende Schritt, den wir Europäer ja schon gewohnt sind. Wir haben lauter Souveränität an die Europäische Kommission abgegeben. Manchmal sind wir sauer darüber, aber wir haben´s gemacht. Und andere Länder sind daran überhaupt noch nicht gewöhnt.”

“Wenn man eine wirkliche Weltordnung haben will, eine globale politische Ordnung, dann wird man nicht umhinkommen, an einigen Stellen auch Souveränität, Rechte an andere abzugeben. Das heißt, dass andere internationale Organisationen uns dann bestrafen können, wenn wir irgendetwas nicht einhalten. Und davor schrecken viele Länder noch zurück. Das ist aus meiner Sicht ein wirklich interkultureller Prozess, den wir durchlaufen müssen.”

Google translation:

Merkel literally:

“Why Copenhagen is failed? Basically, we have failed in the end to a point that is quite interesting in the context of the global order, “[Global Order = New World Order]

“China and India have said we are ready to take [to various climate change goals] oblige, but we are ready to commit to binding international We do this at home, her we need to believe, but we make no sovereignty. international organizations. ”

“And this is perhaps the most interesting step that we Europeans are already accustomed. We have given a loud sovereignty to the European Commission. Sometimes we are angry about it, but we have done it. And other countries are accustomed to still not believe it. ”

“If you want a real world order, a global political order, then you can not help but come in some places sovereignty, rights to give to others. This means that other international organizations punish us can if we do not respect anything. And before deter many countries still back. This is, in my view a truly inter-cultural process, we have to go through. “

Hints Of Planned (Nuclear) Terrorist Attack At The Women’s Soccer World Cup 2011 in Berlin (June 26, 2011): Mega Ritual 2011 (Complete) – Mega Ritual New Signs – DB Provides New Information – First We Take Manhattan … Then We Take Berlin – Lawyer Files Preliminary Injunction Against Angela Merkel Because of Planned Nuclear Attack

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Mega Ritual 2011 – Komplett

Added: 30.04.2011

Google translate:

Attention, please leave exercise skepticism!

Please note that it is the thinking in this video is pure speculation and did not confirm a plan. All statements based thereon, and considerations are therefore very speculative and may be reviewed only in less than a month into their real truth content. How realistic are these interpretations, there can certainly be argued.
More and more people are starting from the official history to 09/11/2001 doubt.
As is later turned out, was in various movies and also made a cartoon series in advance for these terrible events carefully hidden. Some of it seems contrived as the hair, but some of it is really too specific to be a product of chance.

Nevertheless, while some of the shown number games seem very adventurous, others do quite thoughtful. Likewise, the testimony of Angela Merkel in her New Year address. Should actually be some truth to the plan …

Achtung, bitte Skepsis walten lassen!

Beachten Sie bitte, dass es sich bei den Überlegungen in diesem Video um reine Vermutungen handelt und nicht um einen bestätigten Plan. Alle hierauf basierenden Aussagen und Überlegungen sind damit spekulativ und können eben erst in knapp einem Monat auf ihren echten Wahrheitsgehalt hin überprüft werden. Wie realistisch diese Interpretationen sind, darüber kann freilich gestritten werden.
Immer mehr Menschen beginnen an der offiziellen Geschichte zum 11.09.2001 zu zweifeln.
Wie sich erst später herausstellte, wurde in verschiedenen Kinofilmen und auch Zeichentrickserien bereits im Vorfeld auf diese schrecklichen Ereignisse versteckt aufmerksam gemacht. Einiges davon wirkt wie an den Haaren herbeigezogen, aber manches ist wahrlich zu konkret, um ein Produkt des Zufalls zu sein.

Dennoch, während einige der gezeigten Zahlenspielereien sehr abenteuerlich anmuten, machen andere durchaus nachdenklich. Ebenso auch die Aussage von Angela Merkel in ihrer Neujahrsansprache. Sollte an dem Plan tatsächlich etwas dran sein…

New Signs Mega Ritual 2011 Part 5
Neue Zeichen Mega Ritual 2011 Teil 5

Added: 05.06.2011

At a concert in Utrecht 1998 Prince warned of the 9/11 terrorist attacks

New Signs Mega Ritual 2011 Part 6
Neue Zeichen Mega Ritual 2011 Teil 6

WARNING OF STATE TERRORIST ATTACK ON 26/06/2011! DB provides new information!

Added: 06.06.2011

Jennifer Warnes, …. then we take Berlin (26.6.11)

Added: 22.05.2011

Google translate:

Interesting messages:

At 0:28 min the reference to 06.26.2011, only the Clock to 2 and 6 and then 11th

In 1:20 min immediately after “we take berliiin” is a sequence inserted
clearly represents an atomic explosion.

At 2:23 min, in the background on the wall is the number 04 935
This style is so technically cut off only the first 3 digits 049 = 0049 to see the code … Germany?

then I miss on the gestures that she sings perfectly aware of this text …
which seems to me anyway in front of such chipped and controlled or owned

Interessante Botschaften:

Bei 0:28 Min der Verweis auf den 26.6.2011, erst die Uhr auf 2 und 6 und dann 11.

In 1:20 Min unmittelbar nach “we take berliiin” wird eine Sequenz eingefügt
die klar eine atomare Explosion darstellt.

Bei 2:23 Min, im Hintergrund an der Wand steht die Zahl 04935
diese wird stiltechnisch so abgeschnitten das nur die ersten 3 Ziffern zu sehen 049 = 0049 die Deutschlandvorwahl…?

dann fehlt mir an der Gestik auf, dass sie völlig bewusst diesen Text singt…
die kommt mir sowieso so gechipt und ferngesteuert oder besessen vor

The interim injunction against Angela Merkel is real and confirmed:

There is No Joke!

26.06.2011 – Anschlag in Berlin – Antrag auf Erlaß einer …Update – POLITAIA.ORG:

Google translate:

Application for a preliminary injunction of lawyer van Geest against Angela Merkel, among others because of the planned nuclear bomb attack on 26.06.11 during the opening game of the Women’s World Cup in Berlin:

Antrag einer einstweiligen Verfügung des Rechtsanwalts van Geest gegen Angela Merkel u.a. wegen des geplanten Atombombenanschlags am 26.06.11 während des Eröffnungsspiels der Frauen-WM in Berlin:

Google translate:

Please make sure to download and distribute!

Reader Nasowas has kindly made ​​available to different formats of writing He writes:

“The 400-page application, the law firm of Van Geest at the same time is an excellent documentary on 9 / 11 and the background of a possible attack on the stadium. Unfortunately, the PDF is 40 MB large, scanned the text only as images.
I have created to accelerate the dissemination of an unedited, unformatted text version in PDF / DOC / TXT / can ODT or DOCX be downloaded from below 1 MB:

Bitte unbedingt herunterladen und weiterverbreiten!

Leser Nasowas hat dankenswerterweise verschiedene Formate der Schrift zur Verfügung gestellt Er schreibt:

“Die 400-seitige Klageschrift der Anwaltskanzlei Van Geest ist gleichzeitig eine hervorragende Dokumentation zu 9/11 und den Hintergründen eines möglichen Anschlags auf das Stadion. Leider ist das PDF 40 MB gross, die Texte nur als Bilder eingescannt.
Ich habe zur schnelleren Verbreitung eine unbearbeitete, unformatierte Textversion erstellt, die als PDF/DOC/TXT/ODT/ oder DOCX heruntergeladen werden kann, jeweils unter 1 MB von:

2011-06-26-falseflag-klage.txt http://goo.gl/3QpSb 710kB
2011-06-26-falseflag-klage.doc http://goo.gl/mwHe5 790kB
2011-06-26-falseflag-klage.docx http://goo.gl/HLY1k 380kB
2011-06-26-falseflag-klage.pdf http://goo.gl/68wxB 970kB

2011-06-26-falseflag-klage.odt http://goo.gl/jPHuh 310kB “


Hier herunterladen (PDF-Datei, ca. 40 MB)!

oder hier


E. Coli Outbreak: German Hospitals Struggling With 2200 Cases – NOW Germany Blames Bean Sprouts Grown In ONE ORGANIC Farm

ORGANIC SPROUTS as likely cause??? Sure!

Forensic Evidence Emerges That European E.coli Superbug Was Bioengineered To Produce Human Fatalities

First Act Of Bioterrorism In Germany: Ehec Identified As Biological Terrorist Attack, HUSEC 41 Confirms Bioterrorism-Thesis

The organic sprouts from this one farm in Germany must be world famous:

E.Coli Outbreak: Leading Microbiologist Says Clear Shops of German Food To Cut Risk – Germany Reports 200 New Cases – More Cases Worldwide:

The Czech Republic and the US have joined the list of those dealing with cases amid concern that some of those infected had not visited Germany and so must have been infected elsewhere.

And organic farms are well known as breeding places of toxic new strains of bacteria, …

Europe E.coli is toxic new strain – Russia bans EU vegetables over deadly E.coli outbreak

… right?

Message to the German government:

You need to fluoridate at least 70% of the public drinking water (like in America) and drug as many Germans as possible with Prozac, whose main ingredient is fluoride, to stand a chance that the people in Germany believe such BS!

And now not even fluoride is considered to be effective enough for the US, …

And Now: Lithium – The Next Fluoride – To Be Added To Your Drinking Water For Mental Health (Mind-Control)

… because the people are beginning to wake up.

E. coli outbreak: German hospitals struggling to cope (Guardian, June 5 2011):

German hospitals are struggling to cope with the surge in patients caused by the E coli outbreak, as the death toll rose to 22.

The health minister, Daniel Bahr, said hospitals in northern Germany were finding it difficult to provide enough beds and treatment for patients, with the total number of cases increasing to 2,200.

“We’re facing a tense situation with patient care,” Bahr said, “but we will manage it.”

Agriculture officials said that bean sprouts grown in one organic farm between Hamburg and Hanover were the likely cause of the illness.

Hospital authorities said blood supplies were running low and staff were exhausted and working round-the-clock, with the northern cities of Hamburg and Bremen the worst affected.

“They [the doctors] voluntarily come in on weekends and even sleep here,” Oliver Grieve, a spokesman for the Kiel University hospital in northern Germany told Spiegel Online.

Read moreE. Coli Outbreak: German Hospitals Struggling With 2200 Cases – NOW Germany Blames Bean Sprouts Grown In ONE ORGANIC Farm