Greece: Bilderberg PM George Papandreou To Form New Government (06/15/2011)

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Former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Revolution is the Only Answer (For Greece, Ireland etc.)

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Greek PM to form new government (Al Jazeera, June 15, 2011):

George Papandreou, the Greek prime minister, has in a televised address said he will form a new government on Thursday and seek a vote of confidence from his PASOK parliamentary group.

His announcement on Wednesday came shortly after the opposition turned down his offer to stand down to facilitate the formation of a unity government for passing tough austerity measures.

“I will continue on the same course. This is the road of duty, together with PASOK’s parliamentary group, its
members, and the Greek people,” Papandreou said.

“Tomorrow I will form a new government, and then I will ask for a vote of confidence,” he said.

He had earlier said the proposed new unity government must support the European Union and International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout, and should not seek to overhaul it.

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Greece: The Battle of Syntagma Square (Video – 06/15/2011)

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15-6-2011 day of general strike in athens, greece. Over 100000 people in central athens square, syntagma. The police takes advantage of provocative actions of the so called “anarchists” (having undercover cops among them), and clears up the , for 21 days occupied, square. This is the last raid.

Greek Uprising 2011 (Video – June 15)

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Demonstrators in front of the parliament building are shouting “Thieves!” toward the parliament building. A short while after that, police attacked the demonstration using chemical weapons forbidden by international treaties (but allowed for use against civilians!), using as a pretext agents provocateurs planted within the demonstration. In spite of this attack, the police failed to disperse the demonstrators who held on to Syntagma Square demanding the resignation of the government.