Radioactive ‘Ekiden’ Marathon Race In Fukushima City In 1 Microsievert/Hr Radiation For Teenage Female Runners

Update: Radioactive Ekiden Marathon Race: Girls Are Running in Radiation Often Higher Than In ‘No Entry’ Zone

Fukushima city should have been evacuated a long time ago:

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What are these Japanese parents thinking???

#Radioactive “Ekiden” Race in Fukushima City in 1 Microsievert/Hr Radiation, for Teenage Female Runners (EX-SKF, Sep. 30, 2011):

I just do not understand these people who insist on carrying out what was planned before March 11 just because… just because.

Here’s one of them, Tohoku Athletic Association, who is planning to hold the 27th Annual East Japan Women’s Ekiden, of all place, in Fukushima City. Fukushima TV Network is a co-sponsor, with the backing from Sankei Shinbun.

Ekiden” is a long-distance relay where the teams run the full marathon length (42.195 kilometers) in several stages on the road, with a runner of one stage handing off the team sash to his/her team mate who will run the next stage. It is quite popular in Japan as well as outside Japan, and there is even an “ekiden” event for elementary school girls with much shorter distance. (But long enough to kill one 11-year-old girl in Saitama City during practice, and no it was not heat exhaustion.)

From Sankei Shinbun, as appeared in Yahoo Japan News (therefore don’t expect the link to last very long; 9/28/2011):


It has been decided that a joint team of Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefecture who suffered in the March 11 earthquake/tsunami will be entered in the 27th Annual East Japan Women’s Ekiden which will be held on November 13, the sponsors announced on September 28.

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