Johann Strauss: An Der Schönen Blauen Donau, Op. 314 (Video)

Your (healthy) heart is ‘dancing’ waltz every moment of your life.




Waltz dancing in patients with chronic heart failure: new form of exercise training (PubMed – NCBI):


In patients with stable chronic heart failure, waltz dancing is safe and able to improve functional capacity and endothelium-dependent dilation similar to traditional aerobic exercise training. Waltz dancing may be considered in clinical practice in combination with aerobic exercise training or as an alternative to it.

Dancing waltz can help your heart, new study finds (Rapid Citry Journal, March 18, 2012):

Dr. Romualdo Belardinelli, study author and director of cardiac rehabilitation at Lancisi Heart Institute in Ancona, Italy, presented results of a new study that finds that dancing the waltz can help your heart at an American Heart Association meeting in Chicago.

He studied 110 patients with stable congestive heart failure with a mean age of 59. Forty-four subjects were randomly selected to participate in “waltz training” three times per week for eight weeks.

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