Strong Magnitude 6.2 Earthquake Hits Japan 57 Miles From Fukushima

An earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale has hit off the east coast of Honshu, Japan, the United States Geological Survey says.

The quake occurred at 08:35 a.m. local time on Saturday morning (2335 GMT on Friday), Xinhua reported.

No tsunami warning was issued following the tremor, and there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.

The epicenter of the tremor was at 37.38 degrees north latitude and 141.41 degrees east longitude — about 93 kilometers (57 miles) southeast of Fukushima — and its depth was 37.60 kilometers.

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Worker At Fukushima Daiichi Plant Dies After Collapsing At Work (TEPCO: He Had Put On A Full Protective Suit AND Was Not Exposed To Radioactive Substances)

Fukushima Daiichi plant worker dies (NHK, May 14, 2011):

A worker at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant fell unconscious at work on Saturday and later died.

The worker in his 60s complained of ill health while working at a waste processing facility. He worked for a subcontracting firm of Tokyo Electric Power Company.

The man was taken to a medical office in the plant, where he was found to have lost consciousness. He was then taken by ambulance to a hospital in Iwaki City and confirmed dead shortly after 9:30 AM. The cause of his death is unknown.

Tokyo Electric says the worker had been transporting equipment since Friday. He was scheduled to work for 3 hours from 6:00 AM on Saturday.

The company says the worker had put on a full protective suit and was not exposed to radioactive substances.

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Urgent: Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) Ends Public Radiation Forecasts Just As Map Shows Large Radiation Clouds (Videos) Over The US And Canada

Just a coincidence, right?

Watchdog criticizes Feds: ‘With the Japanese nuclear situation still out of control and expected to continue that way for months and with elevated radioactivity continuing to show up in the U.S., it is inexplicable that EPA would shut down its Fukushima radiation monitoring effort’

Canada Joins US In Cutting Back Radiation Reporting, Testing Of Milk

Nuclear Expert Horrified That Feds Abandon Extra Radiation Monitoring of Milk And Water

Radiation Forecast Overview And Update: Cesium-137 Buildup, Xenon In The Air On West Coast

Fairewinds’ Founder Maggie Gundersen Interviews Environmental Scientist Marco Kaltofen: Radiation In Food Is Going To Be A Nationwide Problem In The US!

Fukushima (NILU):

Thank you for your interest in the FLEXPART products for Fukushima. The Forecast system is no longer running.



The True Story Of Nelson Bunker Hunt

The Hunt Brothers

Over 30 years ago, a man by the name of Nelson Bunker Hunt hatched the perfect plan: protect his inherited wealth (which then was one of the largest legacy fortunes in the world) from the inflationary destruction of “paper” assets by converting his assets into silver, and in the process cover the silver market, and send the price of silver to an inflation adjusted price of over $140 (nearly three times higher than the nearly record nominal silver price hit last week).

Understandably, Hunt’s name has appeared very often in the popular media in recent months, since after all it was the “Hunt” price that the May 1 silver smackdown (which will most certainly never be investigated) that sent silver from $48 to $42 in seconds that was being protected by the paper cartel. Yet just who is Nelson Bunker Hunt? And how did he cover the silver market when did? What exactly did he do, and is someone doing a comparable silver cornering right now?

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The Bin Laden Compound Joke – US-Pakistan-Chinese Tensions Rise

And in case you doubt the official BS Osama death version MSM calls you now a ‘DEATHER’:

The Birthers Become ‘Deathers’:

NEW YORK – Birthers who claimed President Obama was not born in the U.S. have moved on to another wild conspiracy theory: that Osama bin Laden was not really killed last Sunday—or was killed to shut him up, and then quickly buried at sea.

And who would doubt such a birth certificate, where the White House forgery artist forgot to flatten the multiple layers before turning it into a PDF file and making it available for the public?

Proof Obama’s 4/27/11 ‘Long Form Certificate of Birth’ is Forged! (Video)

Birth Certificate: Proof Obama Is Guilty Of Criminal Fraud! (Video)

Obama Birth Certificate Fraud – PROOF!!! (Video)

World Intelligence Agencies: Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate A Rank Forgery

Right, only the ‘BIRTHERS’, ‘THRUTHERS’ and other conspiracy theorists would, meaning people who know what computers and software are and still have the miraculous otherwise long lost ability to think for themselves.

US stunt to salvage tenuous regional dominion faces Pakistani-Chinese ire.

Citing the cartoonish “bin laden” hoax, where the long-dead
elusive CIA asset has now been “killed” down the street from
Pakistan’s military academy, Pakistan is expected to acquiesce
to numerous demands and concessions from the US.

Brookings’ Bruce Riedel calls Pakistan “paranoid” even as fellow

policy wonks openly call for the carving up of the country – in
particular the “liberation” of the Baluchi region (in pink).

Bangkok, Thailand May 5, 2011 – The immediate reaction by most across the world upon hearing of “Bin Laden’s” death was that America now had the excuse it needed, real or not, to gracefully depart from its disastrous “War on Terror.” However, the architects behind America’s foreign military adventures over the past several decades have already begun clamoring about the need to not only expand their global war, but to implicate Pakistan as being complicit in harboring the mythological “Bin Laden.”

An Offer Pakistan “Can’t Refuse”

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Japanese Government Admits Hiding Radiation Forecasts (Video)

Watch the video here.

Belated release of radiation forecast data (NHK):

The Japanese government is about to begin releasing data projecting the spread of radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant that it initially withheld for fear of causing panic.

The data in question is in a computer system called SPEEDI that predicts the spread of radioactive substances based on actual radiation measurements at various locations and weather conditions.

A joint task force of the government and Tokyo Electric Power Company says about 5,000 undisclosed bits of data will be released from Tuesday.

The information will be carried on the websites of the science ministry, the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, and the Nuclear Safety Commission.
The secretary-general of the joint task force and prime the minister’s advisor, Goshi Hosono, apologized for the delay in releasing the data.

Hosono said the task force withheld the information because some data were based on overly rigorous assumptions and feared it may trigger panic.

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Dr. Rima Laibow Recommends What to Do About Radiation

See also:

How To Decrease Radiation Illness And Protect Yourself From Radiation

Dr. Donald W. Miller, MD: Iodine for Radioactive Fallout

By Dr. Rima Laibow

First, the Trustees of the Natural Solutions Foundation extend their sympathies to all those who have suffered from the effects of the mega-quake, tsunami and radiological disaster in Japan. We have been discussing how we can help you gain some greater understanding with regard to the radiation risks that face much of the planet; we are all truly “downwind” from the drift of modern technological mistakes and limitations (we note, in addition to the tragedy in Japan, the wide-spread “drift” of GMO pollution of the natural genetic properties of life on this planet and the foreseeable world-wide genetic harm engendered by dangerous vaccines; see: ). Below are Research Notes from Dr. Rima and comments about them, as she Skyped them to me earlier today, in between meetings and seeing patients, as the radiological disaster continued to unfold on the world’s media. [rf]

Dr. Rima: “If ever there was a time for life style change, coupled with a demand for clean, unadulterated food and the protection and support of the supplements that you need now and will need for the rest of your life, it is now. And if ever there was a time to call for the total banning of the two most dangerous misapplications of science in human history, GMOs and nuclear power, that time was yesterday. We missed yesterday so today is the time, and tomorrow and all the tomorrows that these disasters still allow us.”UPDATE 03.19.11: “I’ve sourced a good source of natural Iodine (not the phramaceutical form used for prescription purposes) since the disaster in Japan reminds us all how deficient in Iodine the population is; supplementing will benefit your body no matter what happens; product name: Emerald Sea: .” rel

[12:08:07 PM] Rima Laibow, MD: Radiation detoxification:

Potassium iodide KI or KIO3, Lugol’s solution works. Iodine has low toxicity: most people are iodine deficient so high doses are advised. Just a couple (2 to 4) per day sipped in juice. Foods that may prevent the body from using iodine are: turnip, cabbage, mustard greens, cassava root, soybeans, peanuts, pine nuts and millet. These foods are called goitrogens and excessive consumption can cause goiters so if you are using them temporarily, eat them raw. [Iodine is sold as a dietary supplement, but if sold to protect the thyroid from radioactive iodine emitted by a reactor accident might be considered a “prescription drug” so remember, you are obtaining it to supplement your diet… rf]

[12:09:12 PM] Rima Laibow, MD: Miso soup made BEFORE March 11, 2011 – traditionally used to detox from electromagnetic overdoses.

[12:10:36 PM] Rima Laibow, MD: Sulfur containing, thiol rich compounds like MSM and foods like asparagus.

[12:14:21 PM] Rima Laibow, MD: Alkalinizing diet and agents (sodium bicarbonate away from food, lemon juice in water).

[12:14:27 PM] Rima Laibow, MD: Large amounts of the freshest, purest water you can get; magnetize your water before drinking or bathing!

[12:17:52 PM] Rima Laibow, MD: Minimum radiation doses which damage tissue:

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Two Large Earthquakes Hit Northern Thailand

BANGKOK (Reuters) – Two large quakes with a magnitude of 7.0 struck near north Thailand’s border with Myanmar and Laos, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.

Witnesses said the tremors were felt in Bangkok, Myanmar and as far away as the Vietnam capital of Hanoi where people were evacuated from tall buildings.

The quakes struck seconds apart at 1355 GMT and were centered 69 miles north of the Thai town of Chiang Rai.

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Japan Officials Say HIGH SEAWATER RADIATION LEVELS Are NO Cause For Alarm

Imported seafood from Japan is screened for radiation by a chef at a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong Tuesday, March 22, to make sure the food is safe to eat. China, Japan’s largest trading partner, has ordered testing of imports of Japanese food. The World Health Organization has urged Japan to adopt stricter measures and reassure the public after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant began leaking radiation March 11.
Kin Cheung/ AP

Japan says high seawater radiation levels are no cause for alarm (Christian Science Monitor):

Japanese authorities began testing for radiation in seawater near the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant on Tuesday, but officials stressed that the elevated levels are no cause for worry.

See also:

Japan’s Science Ministry: Radiation Now Exceeds 400 Times Normal 40 km From Fukushima

Japan Nuclear Crisis: Radioactive Iodine Content In Sea Water At 126.7 Times Limit, Caesium At 24.8 Times Limit

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TEPCO Director Weeps After Finally Admitting The Truth About Fukushima Disaster: Radiation Leak Is Serious Enough To Kill People

* Officials admit they may have to bury reactors under concrete – as happened at Chernobyl
* Government says it was overwhelmed by the scale of twin disasters
* Japanese upgrade accident from level four to five – the same as Three Mile Island
* We will rebuild from scratch says Japanese prime minister
* Particles spewed from wrecked Fukushima power station arrive in California
* Military trucks tackle reactors with tons of water for second day

Overwhelmed: Tokyo Electric Power Company Managing Director Akio Komiri cries as he leaves after a press conference in Fukushima

A UN official said the radiation reaching America is ‘about a billion times’ beneath health-threatening levels.

An airborne plume of radiation is expected to be swept towards Europe, and again officials stress that the levels reaching the UK will not be high enough to pose any risk to human health.

Lars-Erik De Geer of the Swedish Defence Research Institute, said particles would eventually be detected across Europe.

‘It is not something you see normally,’ he said. ‘But it is not high from any danger point of view. It is only a question of very, very low activities so it is nothing for people to worry about.’

The prediction that particles could reach Britain within two weeks is based on previous data, gathered by scientists observing nuclear testing in China.

Meanwhile, workers at the devastated power station are continuing their desperate battle to prevent a complete meltdown which some fear could be as bad as Chernobyl.

The latest pictures show a whole wall missing from the building housing reactor number four. Inside, a green crane normally used to move spent fuel rods into the storage pool can be seen. Underneath the crane, but not seen in the picture, is the 45ft-deep spent fuel storage pool which has boiled dry.

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Exposed: this shots shows a gaping hole in the building of reactor number four. The green crane, circled, is normally used to move spent fuel rods into a 45ft deep storage pond, just out of shot. But the pool has now boiled dry and the spent rods are heating up and releasing radiation

Officials at Fukushima are rapidly running out of options to halt the crisis. Military trucks are spraying the reactors for a second days with tons of water arcing over the facility.

Engineers are trying to get the coolant pumping systems knocked out by the tsunami working again after laying a new power line from the main grid.

And they today admitted that burying reactors under sand and concrete – the solution adopted in Chernobyl – may be the only option to stop a catastrophic radiation release.

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US: Michigan Bill Would Impose ‘Financial Martial Law’

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs his first bill as governor at the State Capitol in Lansing, Mich., on Tuesday March 8, 2011.
(Credit: David Coates,AP Photo/The Detroit News)

Michigan lawmakers are on the verge of approving a bill that would enable the governor to appoint “emergency managers” — officials with unilateral power to make sweeping changes to cities facing financial troubles.

Under the legislation, the Michigan Messenger reports, the governor could declare a “financial emergency” in towns or school districts. He could then appoint a manager to fire local elected officials, break contracts, seize and sell assets, eliminate services – and even eliminate whole cities or school districts without any public input.

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Japanese Nuclear Crisis Escalates After Third Nuclear Reactor Went Into Meltdown


Fears of meltdown with fuel rods ‘fully exposed’ at Japan reactor (Sydney Morning Herald)

A satellite photo of the Fukushima Daiichi plant showed the damage done to reactors 1 and 3, where there was an explosion on Monday

Meltdown alert at Japan reactor (BBC NEWS):

Technicians are battling to stabilise a third reactor at a quake-stricken Japanese nuclear plant, which has been rocked by a second blast in three days.

The fuel rods inside reactor 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi plant have been fully exposed on two separate occasions, raising fears of a meltdown.

Sea water is being pumped into the reactor to try to prevent overheating.

A cooling system breakdown preceded explosions at the plant’s reactor 3 on Monday and reactor 1 on Saturday.

The latest hydrogen blast injured 11 people, one of them seriously. It was felt 40km (25 miles) away and sent a huge column of smoke into the air.

The outer building around the reactor was largely destroyed.

Japanese Nuclear Crisis Escalates

Japan is racing against time to prevent a potential nuclear disaster after a third reactor at the quake-stricken power plant north of Tokyo went into meltdown on Monday.

Engineers have been battling for three days to prevent a nuclear disaster at Tokyo Electric Power’s Daiichi plant in Fukushima. But they have faced successive setbacks trying to cool down three reactors whose cooling systems were damaged after Japan was struck by a devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami on Friday.

The International Atomic Energy Agency on Monday evening said Japan had requested “expert missions” to help tackle the escalating nuclear crisis.

Tepco said elevated radiation levels were detected nearby after water levels at reactor No. 2 fell dangerously low for several hours. Early Tuesday morning in Japan, Tepco said coolant water inside the No. 2 reactor fell dangerously low for a second time on Monday night, leaving its fuel rods completely exposed

In the first full day of trading since the earthquake, Japan’s equity market reacted violently even as the Bank of Japan announced it would inject a record Y21,800bn ($265bn) in funds to financial institutions. The Nikkei plunged 6.2 per cent, its biggest drop in more than two years.

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Yemen: Seven Dead as Police Open Fire, Medical Official Says One Man Shot Dead In The Neck

* Student protester shot dead in the neck
* Five others injured in march at a university

Furious: Yemeni anti-government demonstrators voice their anger on the streets President Ali Abdullah Saleh

Yemeni riot police shot dead a protester and injured five others on Saturday when they opened fire on thousands marching in the 10th day of unrest rocking the capital Sanaa.

Protesters began marching early in the morning from the University of Sanaa to the Ministry of Justice while chanting, ‘the people want the fall of the regime,’ until they were met by riot police.

Security forces backed by plain clothes elements opened fire on them and threw stones.

A medical official said one man was shot in the neck and killed. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the press.

It was the 10th straight day of protests in Yemen inspired by uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, which have killed seven people across the country. Demonstrators are calling for the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh – a key U.S. ally in fighting al-Qaida terrorists – who has ruled the country for 32 years.

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Facebook and Google ‘in Talks to Buy’ £7.5 Billion Twitter

Major acquisition: Purchase of £7.5billion Twitter would be a big buy for £30bn rated Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Technology giants Google and Facebook are reported to be in talks to buy Twitter, the popular social networking site.

Executives at the two companies have been engaged in low-level discussions with Twitter for months, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Twitter, which is favoured by the famous to send out snippets of information, is said to be valued at up to £7.5billion.

The takeover of company, which only launched three years ago, would mark the first major acquisition by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

His own social media site started in a Harvard University dorm room seven years ago has experienced an explosion in popularity and is now worth said to be worth £30bilion.

Twitter is the social networking site that allows users to send short, 140-character messages to each other.

Scores of celebrities including John Cleese, Stephen Fry and Piers Morgan are active users of Twitter which was started in 2007.

Even President Obama has a Twitter account and there are estimated to be more than 190milion users worldwide.

Latest figures show there are over 65 million ‘tweets’ a day.

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Winter Storm Cripples Two Thirds of US

Snow and ice turn streets into parking lots and force the cancellation of thousands of flights. At least two deaths are reported.

Drifting snow and icy winds brought even the hardiest Midwesterners to their knees Wednesday as two-thirds of the nation reeled from what the National Weather Service described as a storm of “historic proportions.”

Dubbed the “Blizzard of Oz” in Kansas, the storm coursed its way through the Midwest and Plains states — collapsing roofs, forcing highway and school closures, leaving tens of thousands without power and breaking snowfall and low-temperature records.

Airlines canceled about 6,300 flights Wednesday, according to the flight tracking service About a third of the canceled flights were out of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, one of the nation’s busiest hubs. Eighty-four flights were canceled at Los Angeles International Airport.

At least two deaths were blamed on the weather. On Long Island in New York, a homeless man set himself on fire trying to stay warm, and in Oklahoma a 20-year-old woman was killed while being pulled on a sled by a pickup that crashed into a pole.

By late Wednesday, the blizzard, which pummeled Chicago with lightning, thunder and whiteout conditions, had narrowed its path along northern New England and upstate New York.

At its height, the storm had a following that more than rivaled Oprah Winfrey‘s Twitter audience: the National Weather Service website, which normally gets 70 million hits a day, was drawing as many as 20 million an hour Wednesday.

At one point the weather service issued blizzard warnings for an area stretching from Oklahoma City to Detroit, and wind-chill warnings from the Dakotas to Texas, said Laura Furgione, the service’s deputy director. She compared the “massive storm” to the one that paralyzed Chicago in 1979 for more than a week.

Not only did 20.2 inches of snow and near-hurricane winds close Chicago schools and banks Wednesday, it kept people from so much as buying groceries or fixing an achy tooth. Denise Daly spent the morning canceling appointments at her dental office.

“Someone with a toothache can deal with it for a day as long as they have something for the pain,” she said.

Although the snowfall had all but stopped Wednesday evening, it went down in the books as the third-worst storm in Chicago, and set a record for cold at minus 40 degrees in parts of Montana. Oklahoma City’s 11.8 inches of snow set a new February one-day record.

President Obama received a telephone briefing on the federal response to the storm from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate. FEMA had put power generators, blankets, cots, water, meals and other emergency supplies in places that were likely to suffer the most.

“It’s been a very snowy winter in general,” Furgione said. “It’s not over yet. We’re still expecting this cold air to remain over the central United States and even the Eastern Seaboard. We are expecting more below-normal temperatures at least through the next two weeks.”

For worried Super Bowl fans, predictions called for warmer temperatures by Sunday in Dallas, where an unusually severe ice storm had driven the mercury below zero and prompted utility companies to orchestrate rolling blackouts across the city, with the exception of Cowboys Stadium.

“It won’t be anywhere near as cold Sunday in Dallas as it is today down there,” said Bruce Sullivan, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

In New York City, the locals called it the “Groundhog Day Storm” as they gingerly negotiated icy sidewalks, and Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg had an uplifting encounter with the city’s most famous groundhog, Staten Island Chuck, who, however improbably, predicted an early spring. (And you don’t mess with Chuck: In 2009 he bit the mayor’s hand, prompting Bloomberg to wear gloves for their next encounters.)

In Kansas City, Mo., Danny Rotert, an aide to Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.), was hunkered down in his home, responding to questions via e-mail.

“The city is shut down and has declared an emergency,” he wrote. “… Even if I could shovel the driveway to get out, my street would be impassable.”

Some motorists were stuck for hours in their vehicles on snow-clogged highways.

On Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive, nearly 1,000 cars were stranded overnight. Just before dawn Wednesday, firefighters walked down the line of snow-caked cars, shining flashlights inside to check on motorists.

Joanna Moore, 24, and her boyfriend were returning home from the Downstream Casino Resort in Quapaw, Okla., when they got caught in whiteout on the Will Rogers Turnpike. They had two cups of hot chocolate and two muffins to tide them over between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., when the National Guard rescued them.

They were among 16 people waiting out the storm at a Red Cross shelter set up in a local church. It was unclear when the couple would be able to retrieve their car and get home. Moore said she was crossing her fingers that they would be there in time for her 3-year-old daughter’s birthday Friday.

Meanwhile, officials began to prepare for an onslaught of insurance claims resulting from damaged properties like the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino near Tulsa, where part of the roof caved in.

Wet snow and heavy ice caused roofs to cave in and buildings to collapse in several states. A gas station canopy plummeted in Long Island, an airplane hanger in Boston and an entire brick building in northwest Connecticut.

Even sunny Arizona didn’t escape freezing temperatures, prompting a warning from the National Weather Service for Phoenix residents to keep their plants and pets warm.

In Milan, N.H., Brad Ray, 72, who used to rescue people from avalanches on Mt. Washington, wondered what all the fuss was about.

Yes, the snow was coming down, he said, and they had already had 12 inches.

No, he wasn’t rushing to plow his 1,325-foot driveway. “My plow truck is a pretty good size,” he said. “I have a lot of weight and chains on it. I don’t worry about pushing the snow.”

But even with all his equipment and know-how, he advised: “Listen to the professionals and don’t go out unless you really have to.”

By Richard Simon, Geraldine Baum and Abby Sewell, Los Angeles Times

February 3, 2011

Source: The Los Angeles Times

Jim Rickards From Davos: Fourth Alternative Now to a Dollar Collapse, Besides Gold, SDR’s And Chaos

Just that all these wonderful potential reserve currencies will also fail soon.

And the solution will be a new world (order) currency.

Jim Rickards: Senior Managing Director for Market Intelligence at Omnis, Inc. – Jim has been a direct participant in many of the most significant financial events over the past 30 years including the 1981 release of hostages from Iran and was also the principal negotiator for the government sponsored bailout of LTCM. His clients include private investment funds, investment banks and government directorates in national security and defense. He is an advisor to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States and Support Group of the Director of National Intelligence and recently testified before Congress on the causes of the financial crisis. Follow Jim Rickards on Twitter at

With events at Davos taking place, King World News interviewed Jim Rickards of Omnis to get his take on what is happening.

When asked about discussions regarding the dollar Rickards remarked, “We’ve talked a lot about a gold standard, we’ve talked about SDR’s.

It’s obvious that the international monetary system is breaking down. Nobody’s happy with the dollar, but nobody can quite figure out what the alternative is so they sort of get forced into staying with the dollar…and we keep printing more.”

Rickards continues:

“So there is a search for an alternative and again I’ve identified gold and SDR’s as two alternatives. The third path that I’ve talked about is just chaos…People put off decisions or don’t come up with a good alternative for too long and things just kind of break down.

There is a new entry if you think of this as a horse race. You know I had three horses in the race, gold, SDR’s and chaos. There’s a fourth horse that has entered the race. I think the main advocate for this is Professor Barry Eichengreen of University of California Berkley. He is a leading intellectual student and author on the gold exchange of the 1920’s. So at least in academic circles when you talk about the failure of the gold exchange standard in the ’20’s and 30’s all eyes point to Barry Eichengreen, he’s the leading scholar in that area.

What he is saying and what a lot of people in Davos are talking about is this idea of multiple reserve currencies. Right now the dollar is far and away number one. There are other reserve currencies, stirling, yen, Swiss francs and of course the Euro all play a roll, but the US dollar is between 65% or so, somewhere in that range of all reserves held around the world, not counting gold.

The idea is that it doesn’t have to be a world where the dollar dominates or the dollar goes to zero…But you could have a world where you have maybe four reserve currencies and they all have maybe 25 or 30% of the action, give or take…Something like that did exist in the 1920’s where the dollar and the stirling were side by side, neither one totally dominated…so it’s a plausible hypothesis.


(Infinite: No this is not a plausible hypothesis. If you take dollar confetti and replace it with with a dollar, euro, yen, pound and yuan confetti mixture, then it is still worthless confetti.)

Full article here: King World News

JP Morgan Sold Investors MBS Covered By ‘SACK OF SHIT’ Loans … Then Shorted All Those With Exposure: A Goldman-AIG Redux

“In a nutshell: JPM committed fraud through misrepresentation, then wilfully and maliciously traded AGAINST the entities it had sold misrepresented securities to, and lastly, when even all this failed to rescue the failed bank, it was rescued, courtesy of the US taxpayers. Only in America will this lead to absolutely no jail time whatsoever.”

Today’s mortgage fraud stunner comes from Bloomberg’s Jody Shenn who reports on the ongoing lawsuit between Ambac and former Bear Stearns mortgage unit EMC, now part of JP Morgan. In what can only be classified as fraud-cum-double dipping-cum-AIG/Goldman, “JPMorgan Chase & Co. demanded that a lender repurchase bad mortgages even as it resisted calls to buy back the loans from bonds created by Bear Stearns. “That would be pretty bad” if true, said Joshua Rosner, an analyst at New York-based research firm Graham Fisher & Co. He said such allegations show why “investors and consumers have a right to be distrustful of the banks’ statements.” The bottom line is that JPM, which has so far been able to escape largely unscathed from the fraudclosure scandal, is about to take front and center. The reason: the very first line of the just released Exhibit 1 to the Ambac lawsuit: “In mid-2006, Bear Stearns induced investors to purchase, and Ambac as a financial guarantor to insure, securities that were backed by a pool of mortgage loans that – in the words of the Bear Stearns deal manager – was a “SACK OF SHIT.” But the stunner, and nothing short of a full-blown scandal if proven true, is that Bear Stearns (aka JPM) after funneling misrepresented loans with Ambac’s insurance, “implemented a trading strategy to profit from Ambac’s potential demise by “shorting” banks with large exposure to Ambac-insured securities.” This needs its own congressional hearing right now, followed by a few wristslaps. After all such wholesale fraud can never possibly be prosecuted in the world’s most advanced country.

(photo credit William Banzai)

More from the lawsuit:

Within the walls of its sparkling new office tower, Bear Stearns executives knew this derogatory and distasteful characterization aptly described the transaction. Indeed, Bear Stearns had deliberately and secretly altered its policies and neglected its controls to increase the volume of mortgage loans available for its “securitizations” made in patent disregard for the borrowers’ ability to repay these loans. After the market collapse exposed its scheme to sell defective loans to investors through these transactions, Bear Stearns implemented an across-the-board strategy to disregard its contractual promises to disclose and repurchase defective loans. In what amounts to flagrant accounting fraud, Bear Stearns’ improper strategy was designed to avoid and has avoided recognition of its vast off-balance sheet exposure relating to its contractualfollowing the taxpayer-financed acquisition by JP Morgan repurchase obligations – thereby enabling its senior executives to reap tens of millions of dollars in compensation.” Surely in non-banana republics heads would roll. What happens, however, when the heads are the same ones that rule said banana republic?

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Food Prices to Rocket By 50% As Global Hunger Epidemic Causes Riots and Famines

The same elite criminals that have intentionally caused famines and all kinds of disasters around the world  (and the financial crisis) are now calling for GM food as the solution.

Problem – reaction – solution.

All think-tanks belong to the elite financed propaganda machinery.

We have the dirt-cheap technology to green the entire Sahara desert in almost no time.

And GM food is the solution? Sure!:

Max Keiser: Monsanto And The Seeds Of Evil

The GMO Catastrophe In The US, A Lesson For The World

Monsanto: GM-Corn Harvest of 82,000 Hectares in South Africa Fails

Exposed: the great GM crops myth (The Independent):

“Genetic modification actually cuts the productivity of crops, an authoritative new study shows, undermining repeated claims that a switch to the controversial technology is needed to solve the growing world food crisis.”

Natural Farming: Farmer Doubles Production, Cuts Water Use By 30 Percent, Needs NO Fertilizer, Herbicides And Pesticides

Food prices are about to explode:

‘The World Is Only One Poor Harvest Away From Chaos’

Australia Floods: Food Prices to Rise 30% – 50% of Crops Affected, With 20% Wiped Out

India: Food Inflation Up Over 18 Percent In Just One Year

Algerian Riots Continue Over Skyrocketing Food Prices And Unemployment

More on GM food at the end of the following elite propaganda article.

The coming global food crisis has been artificially created, like the financial crisis.

* ‘Perfect storm’ of issues will bring widespread starvation if nothing is done
* Food prices to rise by 50 per cent over the next decade
* GM crops will be needed to feed the world
* Global population to grow to 9billion by 2050

Food crisis: A leading Government think tank has warned scaremongering over GM farming is no longer acceptable

The cost of food will soar by 50 per cent over the next few decades as the world becomes racked by famine, mass migrations and riots, experts have warned.

The increase will be triggered by the exploding world population, rising cost of fuel and increased competition for water, according to a leading Government think-tank.

Spiralling food prices will push hundreds of millions of people into hunger, trigger mass migration and spark civil unrest, the report warned.

And in the UK, the price of basics such as bread, rice and milk will spiral to inflation-busting record prices within the next few decades.

The report, from Foresight, a think-tank set up to predict future crises, called for ‘urgent action’ to prevent food shortages, and said genetically modified crops may be needed to prevent famines.

Even a ‘modest’ rise in food prices could push 100million people into hunger, the report warned.

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AIRPrint Biometric Security System Reads Fingerprints Up to 2 Meters Away

While ears may be the new biometric du jour, Advanced Optical Systems (AOS) is doing its best to keep fingerprints as the preferred method for identifying enemies of the state.

The company has built a fingerprint scanner with the ability to accurately read a print up to two meters away, and our military views the system as a means to reduce the risk to soldiers at security checkpoints all over the world.

The AIRPrint system is a significant upgrade over previous biometric security systems because it allows a person’s identity to be confirmed by military personnel from behind the safety of a blast wall or armored vehicle, which keeps our serviceman out of harm’s way.

AIRPrint uses a source of polarized light and two 1.3 megapixel cameras (one to receive vertically polarized light and another to receive horizontally polarized light) in order to produce an accurate fingerprint.

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Federal Judge Rules Obamacare Unconstitutional

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi(2nd-L) holds a pen given to her by US President Barack Obama(L)after signing the healthcare insurance reform legislation during a ceremony in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC, March 23, 2010.

(NaturalNews) U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson dealt a severe blow to Obamacare today, ruling that the government’s attempt to force citizens to buy health insurance violates the U.S. Constitution. This decision puts the enforceability of Obama’s health care system in doubt.

Obama’s health plan was designed around a “minimum essential coverage provision” that seeks to force every American to purchase health insurance beginning in 2014. This is essentially a Big Brother commerce requirement where the government dictates that private citizens must purchase a product or service even if they don’t wish to. It also forces followers of natural medicine to buy into a system of drugs-and-surgery conventional medicine even if they have no intention of ever using it.

The Constitution limits the power of federal government

The United States Constitution, which is the document that grants the federal government powers, did not grant the federal government any right to force citizens to purchase certain products or services. Obama’s health care insurance mandate, therefore, was an overreaching effort on the part of the federal government to dictate the purchasing decisions of private citizens in order to achieve a political goal.

Citizens who refused to comply with this requirement to purchase health insurance were to be punished by none other than the IRS. Fines would be issued to citizens beginning in 2014 if they failed to prove to the IRS that they had purchased health insurance. Thus, Obama’s health care system put the IRS in charge of enforcing an unconstitutional mandate that private citizens buy something they did not want nor need.

This is what Judge Henry Hudson found to be unconstitutional. He found that the essential coverage provision “exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power.”

Tenth Amendment protections

He’s right, of course. There is no such power granted to the federal government by the United States Constitution. Furthermore, the Tenth Amendment clearly states that the “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

In other words, if a specific power was never granted to the federal government, then that power remains with the States or the people. Since the Constitution never granted the federal government the power to dictate that private citizens purchase health insurance — and in fact Jefferson, Franklin, Madison and other founding fathers would have been horrified by such a power grab — that power remains solely with the States and the people.

What will the US Supreme Court rule?

With this ruling in place, the constitutionality of Obamacare will now likely move to the U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court, of course, is the body that interprets the Constitution and decides whether modern-day laws are allowed under its provisions.

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FAA Admits Losing Key Information Necessary To Identify 100,000 Private Planes in the US

Agency fears ‘questionable registration’ could be exploited by terrorists, drug traffickers

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The FAA admitted that it has lost key information necessary to identify 100,000 private planes in the United States, creating a possible risk to national security. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

NEW YORK — The Federal Aviation Administration’s aircraft registry is missing key information on who owns one-third of the 357,000 private and commercial planes in the U.S. — a gap the agency fears could be exploited by terrorists and drug traffickers.

The records are in such disarray that the FAA says it is worried that criminals could buy planes without the government’s knowledge, or use the registration numbers of other aircraft to evade new computer systems designed to track suspicious flights. It has ordered all aircraft owners to re-register their planes in an effort to clean up its files.

About 119,000 of the planes on the U.S. registry have “questionable registration” because of missing forms, invalid addresses, unreported sales or other paperwork problems, according to the FAA. In many cases, the FAA cannot say who owns a plane or even whether it is still flying or has been junked.

Already there have been cases of drug traffickers using phony U.S. registration numbers, as well as instances of mistaken identity in which police raided the wrong plane because of faulty record-keeping.

Next year, the FAA will begin canceling the registration certificates of all 357,000 aircraft and require owners to register anew, a move that is causing grumbling among airlines, banks and leasing companies. Notices went out to the first batch of aircraft owners last month.

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US: Major Snowstorm This Weekend; Life-Threatening Cold to Grip Dakotas to New York

Life-Threatening Cold to Grip Dakotas to New York (AccuWeather)

Dangerously cold air, perhaps the coldest of this entire winter season, is poised to invade the eastern half of the country over the next few days. In many places, if actual temperatures don’t fall below zero, brutal winds will make it feel that way with life-threatening conditions resulting.

A major storm will bring heavy snow and strong winds to the Great Lakes and parts of the Midwest northeastward into portions of neighboring Canada this weekend.

Enough snow to shovel and plow will fall over this region, but the primary form of precipitation along the I-95 corridor will be drenching rain.

Travel in much of the region will be extremely dangerous especially as strong winds develop on the backside of the storm producing widespread blowing and drifting snow.

However, there are some forecast problems that remain with the storm, due to its complexity, track, dry air pockets, and changeover times in some locations from not only snow and ice to rain, but also back to snow and a freeze-up at the end.

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Wikileaks: US has deployed 200 tactical nuclear weapons in Europe

The US has deployed 200 nuclear weapons in Europe says WikiLeaks’ files.

THE US has deployed 200 tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, mostly in Belgium, Holland, Germany and Turkey, the WikiLeaks’ files claim.

The four nations were long suspected of hosting warheads but Nato and the governments involved have refused to confirm reports. Nato yesterday condemned releasing nuclear secrets as “illegal and dangerous”.

A cable issued by WikiLeaks tells of discussions last year in which US Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon talks to Germany’s foreign policy adviser Christoph Heusgen about weapons in the four countries.

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Indonesia’s Second Volcano Anak Krakatau Erupts

Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano in Sunda Strait, straddling East Java and Sumatra, has spewed ash and flaming rocks.

Officials raised alert levels to ‘high’ on Friday as the volcano showed signs of increased activity, producing 117 small eruptions.

Staff at the observation post in Pasauran, Banten Province are on a 24-hour watch. Residents in Pasauran have been told to stay at least two kilometres away from the volcano.

Anak Krakatau means ‘Child of Krakatau’, named so because it rose in the place of Krakatoa volcano after it blew itself apart in one of the most destructive eruptions in history in 1883. The area is a popular tourist site and many villagers farm on the slopes of nearby Ibu Krakatau (Mother of Krakatau) on the same island.

“Until now we are still on alert level but when we examined our equipment on October 27 and 28 we experienced tremors,” said Anton Priambudi, a volcanologist observing Anak Krakatau.

Several volcanos in Indonesia increased their activities recently following Mount Merapi’s eruption on Tuesday.

The eruptions came only a day after a tsunami struck the remote islands in western Indonesia.

Sat Oct 30 2010 17:55:46

Source: ITN NEWS

Alert Raised as Anak Krakatau Acts Up

Nov. 2 Jakarta — The Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Agency on Monday warned the public to avoid the increasingly active Anak Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra.

Anton Triambudi, an official from the agency, or PVMBG, said the volcano spewed heat clouds and lava on Monday.

He said people should stay at least two kilometers away from the area to avoid being hit by scorching debris reaching temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Celsius.

Authorities have raised the volcano’s alert level to II, which means there is magma activity that could lead to an eruption.

If the volcanic activity escalates, Anton said the alert level could be raised to III, with IV being the highest.

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Happy Climate Fools’ Day!

Oct. 27 — Today is Climate Fools’ Day. To celebrate, here is an essay courtesy of Simon Barnett to show how your money is being squandered by the Coalition on “Climate Change”.

The 2008 Climate Change Act commits Britain to cutting its CO2 emissions by 80 percent by 2050 at a cost of £18.3 billion every year for the next four decades (according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change website).

This is being funded by top slicing the cash from your energy bills. The figure does not include other costs, such as the losses incurred due to the economic damage and opportunity costs of these measures. And obviously the law only seeks only to address CO2 emissions from the UK.

Without pausing to question how that 80 percent target is to be attained short of closing down the entire economy I’d just like to demonstrate the sheer scale of the cost of this bill with a little help from my beautiful assistant, H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II. Here she is below on the fifty pound note, the largest denomination note in common circulation, and guaranteed to win friends and influence people wherever she goes…

Also assisting me in my demonstration will be “red stick man” who is participating primarily as a visual reference to scale, but you can call him “Red Ed” if you’d like (to apportion blame). Here he is demonstrating that a million of the above notes (50 million pounds) will fit neatly onto a standard pallet… (h/t)

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