Wikileaks ‘Iraq War Logs’: US ‘Crazy Horse’ Helicopter Troop Involved in String of Fatal Attacks

‘Iraq War Logs’:

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Fort Hood:

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A US Apache helicopter troop involved in the killing of two journalists in Iraq has been implicated in a string of other fatal attacks, according to the war documents released by Wikileaks.

The video footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007 posted by Wikileaks

The new releases, examined by the German magazine Der Spiegel and Al-Jazeera, outline a string of fatal attacks by Crazy Horse 18, along with Crazy Horse 20 and 21.

It is not clear whether the call-sign ‘Crazy Horse’ relates to a particular crew or just a particular helicopter.

Crazy Horse 18 was the call-sign which, after taking legal advice, refused to accept the surrender of two insurgents it cornered while they were firing mortars from a flatbed truck. It killed both men as they sought shelter in a nearby shack during the attack in February 2007.

In June that year, Crazy Horse 18 fired a string of missiles at two more flatbed trucks it thought were carrying missiles, despite recording that it had seen four women in a nearby house waving a white sheet. Six “enemy” died.

In another incident the same month, Crazy Horse 18 fired at a suspect van from which material is being unloaded into a car, and stayed on location “due to possible colatural [sic] damage” – a euphemism for civilian casualties, though the report does not record any.

Later in July, Crazy Horse 20 and 21 were called in to attack a group of insurgents gathering at or near a mosque. The “unconfirmed” casualty list gave a total of 12 dead insurgents and 14 dead civilians. Photographs taken by a drone of the survivors leaving the mosque showed no weapons.

Crazy Horse 18 was featured in a video released earlier this year showing the killing of a number of civilians, including children and two journalists from the Reuters news agency, in Baghdad in 2007.

The Crazy Horses were from the 227th Aviation Regiment, normally based in Fort Hood, Texas, but stationed in 2006-8 in Camp Taji, north of Baghdad.

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UK Military Interrogation Manuals Discovered: Humiliate, Strip, Threaten

Exclusive: Methods devised in secret in recent years may breach international law

Manuals tell British interrogators the use of plastic handcuffs is essential to intimidate and disorientate prisoners. Photograph: Getty Images

The British military has been training interrogators in techniques that include threats, sensory deprivation and enforced nakedness in an apparent breach of the Geneva conventions, the Guardian has discovered.

Training materials drawn up secretly in recent years tell interrogators they should aim to provoke humiliation, insecurity, disorientation, exhaustion, anxiety and fear in the prisoners they are questioning, and suggest ways in which this can be achieved.

One PowerPoint training aid created in September 2005 tells trainee military interrogators that prisoners should be stripped before they are questioned. “Get them naked,” it says. “Keep them naked if they do not follow commands.” Another manual prepared around the same time advises the use of blindfolds to put prisoners under pressure.

A manual prepared in April 2008 suggests that “Cpers” – captured personnel – be kept in conditions of physical discomfort and intimidated. Sensory deprivation is lawful, it adds, if there are “valid operational reasons”. It also urges enforced nakedness.

More recent training material says blindfolds, earmuffs and plastic handcuffs are essential equipment for military interrogators, and says that while prisoners should be allowed to sleep or rest for eight hours in each 24, they need be permitted only four hours unbroken sleep. It also suggests that interrogators tell prisoners they will be held incommunicado unless they answer questions.

The 1949 Geneva conventions prohibit any “physical or moral coercion”, in particular any coercion employed to obtain information.

The revelations come after the Guardian published US military documents leaked to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks revealing details of torture, summary executions and war crimes in Iraq.

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Afghan President Karzai: Blackwater Behind Terrorism

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US ‘concerned’ about Iran influence in Afghanistan (Telegraph):

The White House said on Monday the world has “every reason to be concerned” about Iranian influence in Afghanistan, after President Hamid Karzai admitted receiving bags of money from Tehran.


Former UK ambassador Craig Murray (The Raw Story):

Murray alleged that in the late 1990s the Uzbek ambassador to the US met with then-Texas Governor George W. Bush to discuss a pipeline for the region, and out of that meeting came agreements that would see Texas-based Enron gain the rights to Uzbekistan’s natural gas deposits, while oil company Unocal worked on developing the Trans-Afghanistan pipeline.

“The consultant who was organizing this for Unocal was a certain Mr. Karzai, who is now president of Afghanistan,” Murray noted.

“There are designs of this pipeline, and if you look at the deployment of US forces in Afghanistan, as against other NATO country forces in Afghanistan, you’ll see that undoubtedly the US forces are positioned to guard the pipeline route. It’s what it’s about. It’s about money, it’s about oil, it’s not about democracy.”

Karzai: Blackwater behind terrorism

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said US private security firms, including Xe Services LLC, formerly known as Blackwater, are being behind terrorism in the country.

At a press conference in Kabul, Karzai said that US security companies have been behind explosions that have claimed the lives of women and children.

The Afghan president added that they have caused “blasts and terrorism” in different parts of Afghanistan over the past months.

The Afghan president said his administration cannot even distinguish between the bomb blasts carried out by US security firms and those of the Taliban militants.

“In fact we don’t yet know how many of these blasts are by Taliban and how many are carried out by them (US security companies).”

Blackwater has been involved in the murder of several Afghan citizens over the past years. The company has also been struggling with a trail of legal cases and civil lawsuits, including one for killing 17 Iraqi civilians during a Baghdad shootout in 2007.

Earlier in June, the CIA reportedly admitted that Blackwater had been loading bombs on US drones that target suspected militants in neighboring Pakistan.

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UK Government ‘Investigates’ 300 ‘Mystery’ Baby Deaths on Cyprus

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Pregnant women are to be vaccinated against flu for the first time this year!

If you don’t want to lose your baby avoid the seasonal flu shot this year (and all future years), because it has the leftover swine flu vaccine in it, which is absolutely lethal stuff for you and your baby:

CDC Allegedly Falsifies Reports, Ignoring Up To 3,587 Miscarriages From H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine

Shocking H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine Miscarriage Stories From Pregnant Women

Everybody else should of course also avoid the flu vaccine like the plague.

–  Swine Flu Vaccine Forced With Seasonal Flu Jab Programme On Patients

US Government Orders Active And Reserve Marines To Get Flu Shot

In case you have no idea what else could have possibly been in your vaccine:

World’s Leading Vaccine Authority Dr. Maurice Hilleman: HIV And Cancer Come From Vaccines

The British Government is finally carrying out an investigation into the mystery deaths of around 300 babies born to military families in Cyprus in the 1960s, amid suspicions of a high-level cover-up.

The results of the three-month investigation are expected to be presented to Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, in the next two weeks Photo: PA

The deaths of so many infants have never been adequately explained, with speculation that they may have been caused by poor hospital hygiene or an outbreak of typhoid, polio , cholera or meningitis.

(All those diseases would have been diagnosed back then. They cannot be the reason for all those dead babies. )

Some former servicemen believe the blame lies with the cocktail of inoculations they were given prior to being stationed in Cyprus, or that the deaths were linked to exposure to radioactive military material.

The babies died in a military hospital in Dhekelia, one of the two sovereign bases, along with Akrotiri, which Britain retained after Cyprus was granted independence in 1960 after decades of colonial rule.

In 1964 alone, around 56 babies died, some of them just a day old. They are buried in a British military cemetery there.

After decades in which parents claimed the truth of the saga was hushed up by British military authorities, the Ministry of Defence has launched an investigation into the deaths.

It came after a former serviceman, Mike Pitcher, who served on the island with the RAF from 1961 to 1963, lobbied his local MP to push for an inquiry.

His wife’s baby girl was stillborn when it was delivered in 1962 and he believes the deaths may be connected to medical inoculations given to British military personnel.

“It was compulsory to undergo a large concoction of inoculations, maybe six or seven, for things like yellow fever and typhoid,” Mr Pitcher, 71, whose wife subsequently had three healthy children, told the Daily Telegraph yesterday.

“I wouldn’t like to say whether there has been an official cover-up or not. All we want is some form of closure, and to receive a reasonable answer as to why all these babies died.” The results of the three-month investigation are expected to be presented to Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk, in the next two weeks.

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Robert Fisk: Exodus. The changing map of the Middle East

‘Divide and rule!’ works just fine for the elitists.

From Israel to Iraq, a Christian flight of Biblical proportions has begun.

A cross is decorated with lights as an Orthodox Christians in the northern Iraqi city of Arbil commemorate the Elevation of the Holy Cross on September 13, 2010

In the centre of the rebuilt Beirut, the massive old Maronite Cathedral of St George stands beside the even larger mass of the new Mohammad al-Amin mosque.

The mosque’s minarets tower over the cathedral, but the Maronites were built a spanking new archbishop’s house between the two buildings as compensation. Yet every day, the two calls to prayer – the clanging of church bells and the wailing of the muezzin – beat an infernal percussion across the city. Both bells and wails are tape recordings, but they have been turned up to the highest decibel pitch to outdo each other, louder than an aircraft’s roar, almost as crazed as the nightclub music from Gemmayzeh across the square. But the Christians are leaving.

Across the Middle East, it is the same story of despairing – sometimes frightened – Christian minorities, and of an exodus that reaches almost Biblical proportions. Almost half of Iraq’s Christians have fled their country since the first Gulf War in 1991, most of them after the 2004 invasion – a weird tribute to the self-proclaimed Christian faith of the two Bush presidents who went to war with Iraq – and stand now at 550,000, scarcely 3 per cent of the population. More than half of Lebanon’s Christians now live outside their country. Once a majority, the nation’s one and a half million Christians, most of them Maronite Catholics, comprise perhaps 35 per cent of the Lebanese. Egypt’s Coptic Christians – there are at most around eight million – now represent less than 10 per cent of the population.

This is, however, not so much a flight of fear, more a chronicle of a death foretold. Christians are being outbred by the majority Muslim populations in their countries and they are almost hopelessly divided. In Jerusalem, there are 13 different Christian churches and three patriarchs. A Muslim holds the keys to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to prevent Armenian and Orthodox priests fighting each other at Easter.

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The Dylan Ratigan Show with Prof. William Black: ‘Fire Holder, Fire Geithner, Fire Bernanke’

Complete administrations should have been fired a long time ago:

Elite Puppet President Obama Exposed

Even firing complete administrations would not solve the problem, because they are all only puppets of the elitists that OWN governments (all big parties), the Federal Reserve, other central banks, the big corporations and the mass media worldwide.

The Rothschild Documentary

Added: 25. October 2010

The fraudulent CEOs looted with impunity, were left in power, and were granted their fondest wish when Congress, at the behest of the Chamber of Commerce, Chairman Bernanke, and the bankers’ trade associations, successfully extorted the professional Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) to turn the accounting rules into a farce.

The FASB’s new rules allowed the banks (and the Fed, which has taken over a trillion dollars in toxic mortgages as wholly inadequate collateral) to refuse to recognize hundreds of billions of dollars of losses. This accounting scam produces enormous fictional “income” and “capital” at the banks.

The fictional income produces real bonuses to the CEOs that make them even wealthier. The fictional bank capital allows the regulators to evade their statutory duties under the Prompt Corrective Action (PCA) law to close the insolvent and failing banks.

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The US is building an £8 billion super military base on the Pacific island of Guam

The US is building an £8 billion super military base on the Pacific island of Guam in an attempt to contain China’s military build-up.

A B-1B Lancer takes off from Andersen Air Force Base in Guam in 2003 Photo: GETTY

The expansion will include a dock for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, a missile defence system, live-fire training sites and the expansion of the island’s airbase. It will be the largest investment in a military base in the western Pacific since the Second World War, and the biggest spend on naval infrastructure in decades.

However, Guam residents fear the build-up could hurt their ecosystem and tourism-dependent economy.

Estimates suggest that the island’s population will rise by almost 50 per cent from its current 173,000 at the peak of construction. It will eventually house 19,000 Marines who will be relocated from the Japanese island of Okinawa, where the US force has become unpopular.

The US’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has said that this could trigger serious water shortages. The EPA said that dredging the harbour to allow an aircraft carrier to berth would damage 71 acres of pristine coral reefs.

The EPA’s report said the build-up would “exacerbate existing substandard environmental conditions on Guam”.

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Scientist Discovers Why Leaves Change Colour In Autumn

A leading scientist has come up with a new theory for why leaves produce stunning autumnal colour and then drop.

The leaf is an excretophore, a means of consigning unwanted wastes to the void. This is why plants all drop leaves Photo: ALAMY

Traditional thinking believes that leaves fall as temperatures drop during the autumn, allowing the plant to enter a resting phase and save energy.

But Professor Brian Ford, a scientist, writer and broadcaster, believes leaf drop occurs in order to excrete waste products from the tree.

The president of the Cambridge Society for the Application of Research said: We have long understood the importance of the leaf as the organ of energy capture, through photosynthesis, and of homeostasis, via transpiration.

But the leaf is also an excretophore a means of consigning unwanted wastes to the void. This is why plants all drop leaves.

He found that, shortly before they are shed, levels of potentially harmful components such as tannins and oxalates in leaves increase.

The levels of heavy metals in abscised leaves are also raised, and they are clearly there to be excreted rather than stored.”

Prof Ford argues that leaves do not simply die when plants run low on water, as plants which live in water, such as water lilies, also shed leaves.

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Cost of Funding EU Agencies Triples to More Than £2 Billion

The cost of funding European Union committees and agencies has more than tripled since 2005 and is on course to reach more than £2 billion next year, new research shows.

Cost of European Union committees and agencies is soaring Photo: Corbis

Compiled by Open Europe, the figures come as David Cameron prepares to go to Brussels this week to fight off plans to increase the overall budget of the EU by six per cent.

The Prime Minister has made clear that he considers that it is unacceptable for British taxpayers to pay more to Europe at a time when widespread spending cuts are being imposed at home.

As well as an increase in overall spending, the European Commission has proposed introducing an eight per cent rise in the 2011 budget for EU agencies and committees.

It would be used to open five new agencies, as well as boosting the budgets for 47 existing organisations, which together employ nearly 10,000 people.

Siân Herbert, of Open Europe, said: “The huge increase in the cost of EU agencies stands in stark contrast to the deep cuts facing the public sector in member states. It’s rather unbelievable that the EU remains immune from the austerity measures sweeping the rest of Europe.”

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US Citizenship For Sale

(Yahoo Finance) — Every day investors around the world choose to put their hard-earned cash into the U.S. Billions of dollars flow in the form of foreign direct investment, as when a group of Brazilians bought Burger King, and foreigners purchase hundreds of billions of U.S. stocks and bonds, as measured by the Treasury’s TIC data.

But a small number of investors show up on these shores drawn by something more valuable than financial returns: the prospect of U.S. citizenship.

You can’t simply purchase an American passport (at least not legally). But since 1990, foreigners with as little as $500,000 in cash have been able to invest their way to a quick green card, putting them on the path to citizenship. Quick, somebody call Lou Dobbs!

Yes, the U.S. government lets people with cash to jump the line for a green card through the EB-5 program.

Starting in 1990, 10,000 visas have been set aside each year for the EB-category. The program was designed to encourage foreign investors to create jobs by starting a new business or preserve jobs by investing in money-losing businesses. If they agree to invest $1 million, foreigners can get a visa, apply for green cards, and become conditional permanent residents.

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