And Now: ECB Allows Irish Central Bank to Counterfeit 51 Billion Euros


No bank has been ‘to big to fail’. This has all been planned to loot the taxpayers of each country with the profit, the counterpart of all those billions of ‘tragic’ losses that no one talks about, landing in the hands of elite criminals.

All those elite puppet governments, central banks and banks around the world are doing exactly what their elite masters told them to do.

Now the financial crisis went from financial institutions to entire countries, whose destruction is far more profitable, than bankrupting some to big to fail banksters.

Now entire countries and the euro will fall. Already Spain will be ‘to big to safe’ for the EU.

And so Europe has discovered the printing press again, creating pure inflation (a hidden tax on monetary assets), thereby destroying the euro and the future of the people.

“By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”
– John Maynard Keynes

And now we seem to have the brandnew ‘EWU’ (European Weimar Union).

After the controlled demolition of the euro and the dollar the elitists will present world government, the New World Order and the one world currency as the only solution to the problems that they have created in the first place.

Already the euro bailout package has been unconstitutional, ….

Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court Considers Unconstitutional Euro Bailout

Former Bundesbank Head Karl Otto Pöhl: Bailout Plan Is All About ‘Rescuing Banks and Rich Greeks’

German Professors Challenge Greek Bailout Legislation, Declare it Unconstitutional

France’s Europe Minister Pierre Lellouche: Eurozone Bailout Violates EU Laws

Germany’s Bundesbank: Greek Rescue as a Threat to Economic Stability and Probably Illegal; Calls IMF ‘Inflation Maximising Fund’

… but this is complete madness. (Got silver and gold?)

Ireland central bank counterfeited 51 billion Euros out of thin air. The amount is not backed by government bonds. Nor was it a loan from the ECB or anyone else. The money is counterfeit in every sense of the word.

Please consider the facts as depicted in Central Bank steps up its cash support to Irish banks financed by institution printing own money.

The Irish Independent learnt last night that the Central Bank of Ireland is financing €51bn of an emergency loan programme by printing its own money.

The figures also provide the latest evidence that responsibility for funding Ireland’s broken banks is being pushed increasingly back on to Irish taxpayers. The loans are recorded by the Irish Central Bank under the heading “other assets”.

A spokesman for the ECB said the Irish Central Bank is itself creating the money it is lending to banks, not borrowing cash from the ECB to fund the payments. The ECB spokesman said the Irish Central Bank can create its own funds if it deems it appropriate, as long as the ECB is notified.

Other Assets? What Other Assets?

It’s OK to print money as long as the ECB is notified?! Excuse me, but this is in direct violation of every EU treaty. Besides, counterfeiting is a crime everywhere.

There are no “other assets” in play. The bookkeeping is fictitious. This printing is not backed by bonds. No one in their right mind would buy such bonds. The Irish Central Bank simply counterfeited 51 Billion Euros out of thin air and distributed the money to Irish banks.

Currently, there is talk about the need to expand the size of the €440bn bail-out fund. This little exercise has me wondering, “why expand anything?” Let’s solve the problem by letting Greece print Euros, Italy print Euros, Spain print Euros, Portugal print Euros, and Belgium print Euros.

As long as you are counterfeiting, and as long as the ECB doesn’t mind, why not have every country print enough Euros to pay back all European sovereign debt? Every country can be debt free in seconds.

I hope everyone understands the sarcasm. This is an amazingly slippery slope and I am surprised Germany is not screaming bloody murder over it.

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More Than 200 Dead Starlings Found in Downtown Yankton

Hey, they just forgot to migrate!

More than 200 starlings were found dead in downtown Yankton Monday. Officials attribute the cause of the deaths to the fact that the birds had not migrated from the area.

It is estimated that more than 200 dead starlings were found in downtown Yankton Monday. However, it is not believed the deaths pose a threat to humans.

Yankton Animal Control Officer Lisa Brasel estimated that she collected 200 starlings Monday, and employees of the city Parks and Recreation Department were also on the scene picking up deceased birds. The total number of corpses gathered up by city employees has not yet been compiled.

“I talked to one of the local vets, and they said there is nothing wrong (with the birds),” said Brasel, who took specimens to a veterinary office. “They just didn’t migrate and are dying. (The next question of a scientist should have been: Is there something wrong with the earth’s magnetic field or why else should birds ‘forget’ to migrate?) I was going to call the South Dakota Department of Health to see what they have to say about it, but they are closed today (because of Martin Luther King Day).”

The birds were found around trees on the north side of Riverside Park, as well as on the north side of Second Street between Capitol and Pine streets.

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Tunisia: Ex-President’s Wife Fled With 1.5 Tons of Gold

The French government suspects that former Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali and his family may have fled the country with 1.5 tons of gold, French daily Le Monde reported Monday.

According to the French secret service, Leila Trabelsi, the wife of the ex-president, went to the Central Bank of Tunisia to fetch the gold bars, the paper reported.

The governor of the bank is reported to have refused to give them to her, so Trabelsi rang her husband who first also refused to help, before giving in, according to Le Monde.

“It seems that the wife of Ben Ali left with some gold, 1.5 tons or 45 million euros worth,” a French politician told the paper.

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Spain Demands US To Clear Plutonium Contaminated Earth From Unexploded Nuclear Bombs That Accidentally Fell In The 1960s ‘Without Delay’

Obama administration is told to remove Palomares soil contaminated with half a tonne of plutonium ‘without delay’

Workmen assist in the search for unexploded US air force nuclear bombs near Palomares, Spain, in 1966. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis

Spain is insisting that the United States removes tens of thousands of cubic metres of earth still contaminated by plutonium from unexploded US air force nuclear bombs that accidentally fell in the 1960s.

Spain sent a diplomatic note to the Obama administration shortly before Christmas saying that it was time the earth at Palomares, south-east Spain, containing up to half a tonne of plutonium, was removed “without delay”, according to El País newspaper.

Some 50,000 cubic metres of contaminated soil remains at the site, despite efforts by the US to clear up the mess when four bombs fell near Palomares after a B-52 bomber collided with a refuelling aircraft in 1966.

US authorities initially buried equipment they had used to dig up the land after parts of two of the B28 bombs detonated, spreading plutonium across a wide area.

Spain has nowhere to store the contaminated soil, which will take thousands of years to lose its radioactivity.

Experts say that, by sifting the soil, it could be reduced to 6,000 cubic metres, which would fit onto a single bulk carrier ship. The cost is estimated at some €31m (£26.16m) .

“Spain believes the data gathered and the studies carried out so far are sufficient for the process of rehabilitation to be carried out without delay, so that the land can be used without restrictions as the people of the area would like,” El País said.

Spanish officials told the newspaper that the US was worried similar demands might be made by other countries where it had carried out nuclear tests.

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The Seasonal Flu Vaccine Fairy Tale Collapses

(NaturalNews) Like a medical house of cards in an earthquake, the seasonal flu vaccine mythology is collapsing right before our eyes. After months of urging everyone to get vaccinated (and blaming non-vaccinated people for skipping out on their “public health obligation”), UK health authorities announced last week that “healthy people” were to blame for causing a vaccine shortage that they claim now threatens the lives of sick children (…).

As part of this ruse, they even suggested that pharmacies should be banned from selling flu vaccines to healthy people, explaining that healthy people didn’t really need them anyway.

So much for the big flu vaccine delusion that “everybody needs a vaccine.” As UK health authorities are now blatantly admitting, that was all just a fairy tale that crumpled the instant they ran out of excess vaccine inventory.

Now, what we really know about the vaccine industry is that the marketing motto goes something like this: When vaccines are in short supply, only sell them to people who need them. When vaccines are in abundant supply, sell them to people who don’t need them.

Doctors order a halt to flu vaccines for children

The seasonal flu vaccine delusion looks even more ridiculous in light of the new marching orders from UK health authorities who, just three days ago, announced that seasonal flu mass vaccination programs for children should be halted.

The decision comes from the North West Strategic Health Authority (SHA), which reversed its decision to “vaccinate all children” announced two weeks ago. That original decision to vaccinate all children was derived from vaccine-propaganda “research” published in The Lancet — the same medical journal that pushes an aggressive vaccine agenda while simultaneously pursuing a modern-day witch hunt against Dr Andrew Wakefield, the researcher who demonstrated a correlation between vaccines and autism.

Many parents, who have been indoctrinated by the UK press into believing the quack science behind seasonal flu vaccines, are now freaking out and wondering how they’re going to “protect” their children from the flu. The thought of feeding their children good nutrition, vitamin D supplements and organic fresh food never occurred to them, apparently. In an age where medicinal food is outlawed while interventionist vaccines are pushed as “medicine,” a surprisingly large number of adults remain utterly ignorant of how to protect the health of their children without turning to pharmaceuticals.

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Illuminati Symbolism In Movies, Incl. 9/11 Symbolism Years Ahead of The Attack

Added: 19. Januar 2010

– The Simpsons (1997):

– Terminator 2 (1991):

Matrix (1999): Neo’s Passport expires on September 11, 2001:

(Click on image to enlarge.)

On 9/11:

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: 911 Pentagon Attack (Full Episode)

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: 9/11

Australia Floods: Crisis Moves South To Victoria

Towns in the southern Australian state of Victoria were on Monday bracing for their biggest floods in 200 years as the death toll from the natural disaster in Queensland rose.

Residents of the town of Horsham, which lies 190 miles northwest of Melbourne and is home to 14,000 people, were rushing to protect their homes with sandbags as the swollen Wimmera River threatened 500 properties.

The river is expected to peak overnight at more than 13ft and could inundate another small 12 towns.

“It’s predicted to be a one-in-200-year event,” a Victoria emergency services spokesman said.

“We are expecting [Horsham] will be cut in half by the river and that the highway be cut as well.”

Across Victoria, more than 1,600 properties have been affected by rising water and 3,500 people have been evacuated from their homes.

Last night a seven-year-old child was missing after falling into a flooded river.

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Eco-Spy Under Cover Cop Mark Kennedy Masterminded G8 Protest

Mark Kennedy infiltrated a series of groups.

The undercover police agent exposed at the heart of the environmental protest movement was one of the masterminds of the G8 protests in Gleneagles in 2005.

The Sunday Herald has learned police officer Mark Kennedy was one of the prime organisers, moving people and equipment to and from the protest base camp in Stirling, earning him the title “Transport Mark”. His organisational blueprint was then used for the three other “climate camps” – massed protests against power stations and airports in Drax, Kings North and Heathrow.

It has also emerged that one of Kennedy’s last acts while undercover was teaching activists how to spot police spies in their midst.

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UK: Sudden Oak Death Now Threatens More Trees, Already 3,000 Hectares of Larch Forest Infected

After destroying millions of oaks in California, the infection spread to Britain – then suddenly jumped species

Jason Hill among larches he is cutting down in Afan Valley: “I was due to be coming here to thin this lot, but now we’re flattening them all; it’s shocking.” Photograph: Gareth Phillips for the Observer

Through the mist and mud, Jason Hill reaches the forestry machine and climbs in to start the engine. “It’s really something I don’t want to be doing,” he says. “But if I don’t do it, somebody else will. It’s devastating.”

Seated at the computer controls, he operates a mechanical arm which grips a 30ft tall larch and slits through its base. Swinging it to the horizontal, the arm strips the tree down to a denuded trunk and slices it into even lengths of log that drop heavily into a pile. The process takes only minutes before the machine turns to the next tree.

In woodlands around the UK, just as here in Afan Valley, south Wales, the race is on to fell thousands of trees in a desperate effort to contain a new disease which poses a threat to British forests on a scale not seen since Dutch elm disease wiped out millions of trees, changing the landscape of the country for ever.

Already 3,000 hectares of larch forest – one hectare is about the size of a football pitch – in Wales, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Northern Ireland are known to be infected by Phytophthora ramorum – sudden oak death – which comes from the same family as the potato blight organism that caused the Irish famines in the 19th century.

Named in the United States, where it has killed millions of oak trees in California, the strain now in the UK had never been seen before by science before it was detected in imported shrubs in a Sussex nursery in 2002.

In 2003, it turned up in a handful of oaks, but they seemed to have resistance and the outbreak did not seem to be too worrying. Then last year, taking everyone by surprise, the phytophthora jumped species and rapidly began infecting and killing the commercially important Japanese and European larch trees. It has also been found in several conifer species, including Douglas fir. Now the battle is on to stop it.

“I don’t want to scaremonger, but we are very worried,” said Roddie Burgess, the head of plant health at the Forestry Commission.

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Agenda 21: Austin Official Confirms Global Depopulation Agenda

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Agenda 21 And The Wildlands Project: How They Can Steal Your Land

Agenda 21 Explained

Agenda 21: Elite Plan For Absolute Control

Fluoride, Aspartame and Agenda 21

Added: 16. Januar 2011

On October 26th, 2010, Michael Shaw of Freedom Advocates and John Bush of Texans for Accountable Government went to Austin City Hall to meet Austin’s new Chief Sustainability Officer, Lucia Athens. They asked her about global population reduction as it relates to sustainable development.

Shaw: How do you reconcile the idea of unalienable rights with the goals of sustainability including the Global Biodeversity Assessment Report which calls for an 85 percent reduction in the human population?

Athens: You know, the population issue I think is one of those really difficult ones to navigate, it’s a very difficult topic to navigate in the context of sustainability and issues and programs. Its not an issue that I want to take on.

Bush: You don’t want to take on population reduction. That’s a good thing!

Athens: It just doesn’t seem like a place that’s gonna be a very fruitful place for us to go. I’m much more focused on practical things that we can try to implement in the near term future but also looking at the long term, that’s a very divisive topic.

Bush: You are aware of the population reduction aspects of the sustainable development push from the international level?

Athens: You know its one of many topics. I don’t think it’s the most important area by any means.

Bush: They do at the UN!

Athens: I appreciate what you have to say, I think you’ve got an interesting viewpoint.

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