California: Countless Millions Of Dead Fish Found Floating In Redondo Beach Harbor

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(NaturalNews) In what is perhaps the most startling and disturbing mass animal die-off yet, countless millions of dead anchovies were found this morning floating in King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach, Calif., according to reports from The Daily Breeze. Officials say they do not know the cause of the event at this time and that investigations are underway.

Like the many other animal die-off events in recent months, experts have been quick to dismiss the situation and provide otherwise reasonable-sounding hypotheses for why the event occurred. One idea put forth by Sgt. Phil Keenan of the Redondo Beach Police Department suggests that there must have been too many anchovies packed into one area and that the oxygen supply in the water became depleted.

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Next Stop Monsanto Zone: Agribusiness Fascism You Can Take A Bath In!

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead — your next stop, Monsanto Zone…

The Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement


The Monsanto Technology Use Guide




“GROWER AGREES: To accept and continue the obligations of this Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement on any new land purchased or leased by Grower that has Seed planted on it by a previous owner or possessor of the land; and to notify in writing purchasers or lessees of land owned by Grower that has Seed planted on it that the Monsanto Technology is subject to this Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement and they must have or obtain their own Monsanto Technology/Stewardship Agreement.”


By Barbara H. Peterson
Mar. 06, 2011

Source: FarmWars

Genetically Altered Salmon Spook Northwest Lawmakers: Congress Can’t Allow ‘These Alien Fish To Infect Our Stocks’

Republican Rep. Don Young of Alaska says that Congress can’t allow “these alien fish to infect our stocks.”

The FDA has already allowed to infect the entire food supply with GMOs, but at least there is some common sense left.

And don’t think your organic food is safe:

USDA National Organics Program: Testing for GMOs NOT Required!!!

US: Organic Consumers Association Funded by Big Pharma and Rockefeller! Food Freedom Betrayal!

Yet there is no other choice than to buy organic food, because everything else is already totally contaminated (not only with GMOs), unless you start growing your own organic garden.

WASHINGTON — Fearing for the wild salmon industry in the Northwest, Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington state wants to stop the Food and Drug Administration from making a quick decision on whether to approve genetically modified Atlantic salmon for human consumption.

Republican Rep. Don Young of Alaska says that Congress can’t allow “these alien fish to infect our stocks.”

Murray and Young are part of a growing bipartisan coalition on Capitol Hill that’s out to stop a Massachusetts biotechnology company from winning federal approval to sell its fast-growing fish, which critics are calling “Frankenfish.”

“I’m very concerned this is being rushed through with massive potential for negative ramifications,” Murray said.

Two pieces of legislation have been introduced in Congress: The first would ban the fish outright, while the second would require it to be labeled as transgenic if the FDA approves it.

So far, the legislation has the backing of 64 environmental and other organizations, including fishing associations, retailers and the Center for Food Safety, an advocacy group.

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Video: Toxic Sludge On Florida Beach, Everything Is Dead!!! (3/6/2011)

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30 Facts – The Rothschild Bankers Planned The Gulf Disaster

Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: ‘Gulf Coast Oil Spill’

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Spain: Traffic Chaos As Snow Forces Motorway North Of Madrid To Close

The European winter is not letting up. In Spain heavy snow forced a motorway north of Madrid to close, trapping thousands of drivers for several hours overnight on Friday into Saturday.

Snowploughs were unable to reach the scene on the A-6 because cars blocked the route.

The road was re-opened later but drivers were warned to stay at home unless their trip was absolutely necessary.

05/03 18:19 CET

Source: EuroNews

US Farmers Fear The Return of The Dust Bowl As The Ogallala Aquifer Is Running Dry


Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory: Worldwide Water Conspiracy

For years the Ogallala Aquifer, the world’s largest underground body of fresh water, has irrigated thousands of square miles of American farmland. Now it is running dry

The town of Happy, Texas, sits on top of the rapidly depleting Ogallala Aquifer. Its population is dwindling by 10 per cent a year. Photo: Misty Keasler

There is not much to be happy about these days in Happy, Texas. Main Street is shuttered but for the Happy National Bank, slowly but inexorably disappearing into a High Plains wind that turns all to dust. The old Picture House, the cinema, has closed. Tumbleweed rolls into the still corners behind the grain elevators, soaring prairie cathedrals that spoke of prosperity before they were abandoned for lack of business.

Happy’s problem is that it has run out of water for its farms. Its population, dropping 10 per cent a year, is down to 595. The name, which brings a smile for miles around and plays in faded paint on the fronts of every shuttered business – Happy Grain Inc, Happy Game Room – has become irony tinged with bitterness. It goes back to the cowboy days of the 19th century. A cattle drive north through the Texas Panhandle to the rail heads beyond had been running out of water, steers dying on the hoof, when its cowboys stumbled on a watering hole. They named the spot Happy Draw, for the water. Now Happy is the harbinger of a potential Dust Bowl unseen in America since the Great Depression.

‘It was a booming town when I grew up,’ Judy Shipman, who manages the bank, says. ‘We had three restaurants, a grocery, a plumber, an electrician, a building contractor, a doctor. We had so much fun, growing up.’ Like all the townsfolk, she knows why the fun has gone. ‘It’s the decline in the water level,’ she says. ‘In the 1950s a lot of wells were drilled, and the water went down. Now you can’t farm the land.’

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The Oil and Gas Industry’s 800-Pound Gorilla: RADIATION!

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‘Fracking’ Result (= Contamination) For UK Shale Gas Will Be Kept Secret Until 2015

US: Natural Gas Wells’ Contaminated Water Hits Rivers

GASLAND Trailer 2010 (Documentary) (Must-see!)

An odd sort of perfect storm – involving a high-profile New York Times energy series, a quirky documentary that just missed the Oscar and federal BP-spill recovery plans – may finally address the 800-pound gorilla of our nation’s energy policy: RADIATION.

The NYT series launched Sunday (Feb. 27) with detailed accounts of radioactive wastewater, created by a Halliburton-developed extraction process called “fracking,” being dumped with impunity across the country. The article even included a “smoking gun” document, a “confidential industry study” from 1990 by none other than the American Petroleum Institute. The API’s secret study concluded that even with conservative assumptions, the radium in drilling wastewater dumped off the Louisiana coast posed “potentially significant risks” of cancer for anyone eating fish from those areas. I’m working on my own series of posts about this hazard in the Gulf of Mexico.

Meanwhile, it seems the regulators have taken steps to make sure no real regulating takes place despite laws on the books to prevent this disaster in the making. Remember, ounce for ounce, radioactive materials are the most toxic substances known to man. The current scientific consensus postulates that there is no known safe level of exposure to radioactive materials and that any exposure above background increases the risk of cancer.

The NYT story might leave the impression that we have no laws governing industry’s radioactive assault – but we actually do. The laws are on the books. They’re just being broken, and ignored. Many of the “regulators” are industry hacks waiting for the revolving door to come around. They have no incentive to tighten the screws on the way Big Oil and Gas do business. In fact, having seen it first-hand, regulators who do try to engage in true regulating frequently are forced out of their jobs or denied promotions.

Into that context we also have the landmark documentary “GasLand,” which features comments from my clients, increased its already high profile with an Adademy Award nomination. “GasLand” focuses on the gas-extraction process called “fracking,” and how it’s contaminating drinking-water sources across the country with radiation.

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US: One Of The Biggest Food Producing Regions Could Soon Be Under Water

US Corn Belt Braces for Major Flooding in Spring

After a nasty winter in which winter storms blanketed large portions of the U.S., the great thaw is now threatening one of the key corn producing regions of the country.

The Dakotas, Minnesota, and Iowa are all under threat.

From Reuters:

Accumulated precipitation this winter through the end of February, from northern Iowa into the southern two-thirds of Minnesota and westward to the Dakotas, ranged from 125 percent of normal to well over 200 percent, meteorologists say.

That raises the risk of major flooding, especially in the big corn, spring wheat and soybean areas of North Dakota’s Red River Valley and the upper Mississippi River region

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