H/t reader Squodgy:

“Marburg definitely next.”


An Extinction Level Event & The End of Humanity



Reader Squodgy:

“Marburg Haemorrhagic Fever guidelines”

An Overview of Marburg Virus:

Marburg virus disease is a deadly, but rare, hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola. While the disease typically starts out like many other tropical illnesses with fever and body aches, it can quickly lead to severe bleeding, shock, and death. As many as nine in 10 people with the virus die as a result of the infection. 

Outbreaks of Marburg virus are extremely uncommon. Initial cases have been linked to exposure to African fruit bats and non-human primates, but the virus can also spread from person-to-person through body fluids like blood or vomit. No cure or effective treatment exists for Marburg virus disease, making preventing the disease critical through steps like personal protective equipment and safe handling of body fluids.


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