COVID Shots, DNA & Transhumanism, With Dr. Carrie Madej (MUST-WATCH Video)



In this presentation with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman, Dr. Carrie Madej explains that the elites peddling the COVID shots are also pushing transhumanism–and the two are closely related. Genetic modifications and new technologies are on the verge of changing what it means to be human, and the elites are really pushing the boundaries. Don’t miss this critically important presentation by one of the most important doctors speaking out on these issues publicly.


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10 thoughts on “COVID Shots, DNA & Transhumanism, With Dr. Carrie Madej (MUST-WATCH Video)”

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    What was a Danish Bowman doing shooting people in Norway?
    Question:~ Is this another False Flag/Sandy Hook/Boston event to ramp up the fear for problem/reaction/solution introduction of bow sales bans? Identities, evidence etc……just rhetoric….stinks.


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