First Donation in October


Infinite Unknown reader S. M. donated $25.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!!!


Donations in October: $25


Donations in September: $36, £25

Donations in August: $46, £25

Donations in July: $36, £25

Donations in June: $44, £25

Donations in May: $33, £25

Donations in April: $43, £25

Donations in March: $198, £25

Donations in February: $33, £25

Donations in January: $33, £25, €43


Donations in 2021: $527, £225, €43


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2 thoughts on “First Donation in October”

  1. Rigged! Just doesn’t reflect reality.
    It’s been consistently tweaked since 2009 to give the impression all is well as the economy tanks and helicopter QE is filtered off towards the Private Equity Trust Investment Funds VANGUARD, BLACKROCK & MAINSTREET who buy out all the big GLOBALCORPS.
    These three funds now own over 50% of all GLOBAL CORPORATIONS and have bought it using fresh air money siphoned off.


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