Analysis of Pfizer vaccines used in Slovakia

H/t reader Kevin a:

“You need to sit down for this one!

Analysis of Pfizer vaccines used in Slovakia
A group of Slovak doctors from Detva conducted an experiment where they mixed an unspecified batch of Pfizer Comirnaty 500 vaccine with human blood under a microscope. They then reportedly observed how the vaccine began to behave in relation to human blood. The vaccine is said to first break up a certain volume of red blood cells and start sucking the haemoglobin out of them. In this extracted haemoglobin are phagocytes, the last line of human immune defence.

dude!! A team of unknown doctors from Detva, Slovakia, claim that the Pfizer vaccine contains an RNA template for the development of a synthetic parasite that supposedly grows after the vaccine solution is injected into the human body and de facto eats red blood cells! The Slovakian server has brought shocking images taken with a laboratory microscope, which show the growth of the parasite and the futile struggle of phagocytes against its development! Can anyone replicate and verify this discovery? The doctor has examined the images and is truly horrified by some of them, for they capture images corresponding to the destruction of red blood cells! If a vaccine can do this in addition to a microwave, it’s literally genocide in broad daylight!”

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