1 thought on “FDA Confirms! mRNA Vaccines Shed!”

  1. My comment is about Pfizer admitting the vaccinated shed and can cause harm to the pure bloods. Shem you check the source of finding for the study that says miniscule amounts you see that it can’t be trusted.

    I performed a controlled experiment with my own body. I isolated myself for 3months. Then I went to share time with. Newly vaccinated person. I had the worst if three bouts of CoVid within three days if spending time with her. It was my first chest issue of the three. It was high fever. Low O2 issues, and I know my body, autoimmune diseased with Crowns and all….this was from my friend shedding on me. I have since had a stroke and major brain fog and malaise. But I’m getting better through healthy choices. I will never get vaccinated. Ever. I will go down protecting my life if I have to.

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